How to use every item in August’s Dungeon Crate

Another month, another crate full of wonderful, magical, mesmerizing dungeon loot.

That’s what you get in Dungeon Crate every single month, and that’s what’s packed into August’s edition of the subscription box. 

Let’s tear into this month’s tabletop treasure chest — full of items ready for your Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder or other fantasy RPG games — and see what adventures, dice, minis and maps are contained within.

The Crimson Herald

This. Thing. Is. Creepy. From Reaper Miniatures, this model is part of their Black Series. They’re high definition plastic models, and they look good with or without paint. This one serves as a wizard character or a mysterious NPC or a big, bad villain.

Dreadmere Fishing Boat

Need to cross a river? Head to shore? Visit a dungeon located in the center of a large lake? This miniature fishing boat is also from Reaper, and another model in the Black Series. It fits a few medium-sized character minis and is great for any campaign where players are heading out on the water. 

Flesh Golem

These official D&D miniatures from WizKids are highly detailed models that are primed and ready to paint. And there’s two of them. Paint them differently. Use them in separate campaigns. Make them into monstrous brothers ready to tear apart unaware adventurers.

Chaos at the Temple

A new Epic Encounter from Dungeon Crate writer Kevin Coffey, this adventure is supposed to be a simple one. Head into a temple to find some treasure. Except the monsters the adventurers expected are already being fought by a tribe of bugbear raiders. It’s designed for a level 3 party.

A Sword in the Dark

Another new Epic Encounter from Dungeon Crate writer Kevin Coffey starts as a good time in a local tavern, until an important sword goes missing and appears to have been stolen by some cranky goblins who hid the whole thing down in a sewer. Ick. Good luck getting that thing back!

Bag o’ Snakes

Three acrylic tokens from the Lords of Adventure and Wargames, these snakes come in multiple colors that stand out wherever you place them on the table.

Speckled Water polyhedral 7-die Set - Chessex

What’s a campaign without a sweet set of dice? These seven speckled dice, in a watery blue, will be beautiful fun for a ton of rolls. 

Dungeon Tile/Insert

One side of this glossy card tells you what’s in the crate. (Handy!) The other side is a map tile. (Even handier!) If you receive Dungeon Crate every month, you’ll find the tiles form one large map illustrated by Dungeon Doodles. Awesome.

* * *

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