It's the 5th anniversary of D&D's 5th edition; What are your favorite 5e memories?

Dungeons & Dragons’ 5th edition was released in 2014.

The free Basic Rules and the Starter Set were released in July 2014, and the Players’ Handbook and Hoard of the Dragon Queen followed in August. More adventures and more sourcebooks followed throughout the year.

Now, it’s been five years since 5e was released.

In five years, the fans of Dungeon Crate have had some fun, funny, and fantastic experiences at the gaming table. We asked them to share their favorite memories.

To defeat a monster, I threw a dead goblin at it. We were doing an undermountain campaign, and I was playing a ranger/rogue whose favored enemy was goblins. We had a pet mimic, and we just killed a small group of goblins. I was dragging a goblin body through the corridors to go feed our mimic when a pillar started to glow and come alive. So I threw the dead goblin at it.

— Nick Siegler

* * *

I converted Sunless Citadel to Dungeon Crawl Classics and ran it as a zero level funnel. After defeating the end boss, one of my son’s peasants investigated a shrine I placed there. A warty toad climbed down his throat thus setting him down the path to become a cleric of Bobugbubilz the demon god of amphibians. The look on his face was priceless.

— Rob Knobbe

* * *

After an almost 30 year hiatus playing D&D, my favorite memory was being invited to join a group of people who’ve been playing for years together and being accepted. After two years of adventuring with them, I’ve now got some really good friends. Making new friends as an adult is an incredible thing.

— Johnr Schmidt

* * *

I had a character in a 5e campaign who had to work a side job with the town’s alchemist. At one point, she was tasked with making a potion of speed without a recipe to do so. In a panic, I had her lump several herbs and plants that were known to help increase awareness and productivity. After trial and error, she was left with what the DM said was his world’s first energy drink. It’s a minty concoction named Alphina's Lightning Bolt. Then sometime later our group had a potluck where everyone was supposed to bring a themed item. I ended up bringing my own alcoholic version of the in-game item!

— Robert McGill

* * *

My character, Ayrah, was a cleric of Talos. A bunch of pirates pulled up next to us thinking they’re gonna take over our boat. I critted on a thunderwave spell, killing most everyone on deck. Then immediately, she critted on an intimidation check. That’s Ayrah’s boat now. 

— Jarvis Shawnda

* * *

During the final battle of the last session of a two-year campaign, almost the entire party was paralyzed or rolling death saves during a battle with a beholder and his minions. The wizard, who has been jokingly collecting daggers the whole campaign is prone and almost dead was in the beholder’s anti-magic ray and couldn’t cast spells. He reached into his pack and threw a dagger at it. He rolls a natural 20, hitting it directly in the eye, and inflicts the last 8 points of damage needed to kill it. It was a great way to end the campaign.

— Floyd Cocklin

* * *

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