How to use every item in March's Dungeon Crate

Every single Dungeon Crate is packed with goodness.

Miniatures for your D&D games. Tokens that work with any fantasy RPG. Plenty of dice to keep filling that dice bag. Adventures to run at your table. 

So. Much. Stuff.

But this crate is special. It’s full of unique items you can only get in Dungeon Crate.

Let’s dig into the loot and find what this crate has to offer for your game table.

“The God Shard Trilogy: Rise of the Fallen Emperor”

The epic adventure trilogy comes to a close with “Rise of the Fallen Emperor.” This adventure, written by Floyd Cocklin and Kevin Coffey, involves an epic battle at the gates of a stronghold, a fast-paced race against a fearsome foe, and an epic showdown over a mythic God Shard. Playable as a sequel to the previous installments or on its own, the adventure is a whole lot of fun.

Cyclops miniature

Drop this fearsome foe on your friends. This ugly guy is ready to drop a club onto the head of any adventurer that strays into its path. This cyclops miniature was lovingly created by Reaper.

Dragon Head Pin

Pin this dragon head pin to your bag/hat/jacket/shirt to show people just how much you love dragons. Or wear as a trophy of sorts to show off that you have slain a dragon in game play. Or use it to let people know that you’re into D&D. We love this pin designed by Dungeon Doodles.

Ninja Dice

You need dice. Always. More. Dice. A full set of dice from the wonderful people at Chessex, these dark dice will be there for when you need to sneak around and assassinate someone, practice the dark arts, or dabble in necromancy. 

Dice Dungeon

Bad dice! Show your faulty dice how much you’re upset with them by locking them inside this acrylic dice dungeon from the Lords of Adventure and Wargames. Maybe they’ll roll better after they’ve served some time.

Battle Splats

Use these to mark hit points, denote those fallen in battle, or add ambiance to your bloody dungeons. These blood-red splat markers from Lords of Adventure and Wargames have all kinds of uses. 

Advantage and Disadvantage Token

How do you remember if you’ve got advantage or disadvantage in your 5e games? Instead of just marking it on your character sheet, use this token from Dungeon Crate to remember that you’re rolling two dice on the next attack. 

Map Tile

The back of the insert telling you about every item? It’s reusable as a nifty little map tile. Collect enough and you’ll have a giant map. Cool, right?

Digital Crate

As always, there’s even more stuff online. If you’re a subscriber, be sure to check your e-mail to get the digital crate code!

* * *

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