The Crate

Q.  What kind of items will be in my Dungeon Crate™?

Dungeon Crate™ offers you an adventurous roleplaying experience with each unboxing! Each month, our Dungeon Crate™ team carefully curates the items that will fill the crate. We handpick each vendor, choose quality items, and offer thoughtful presentation. We also create our own items based on the theme and included adventure. Here are some items you may find in your crate:

  • A 16-page adventure set in our campaign world of Halcyon, written by one of our in-house game masters. Each adventure is original and can be played in any campaign setting.

  • Premium struck metal fantasy coins for game-play

  • Exclusive items from small makers.

  • Tabletop terrain.

  • Painted and unpainted miniatures.

  • An insert card with dungeon tile back that you can use in game-play

  • RPG lifestyle items such as buttons, pins, patches, coasters, soaps, etc.

  • Dice from a variety of vendors.

  • Terrain/map cards.

  • Exclusive access to our monthly digital crate.

  • Coupon code for discounts on online store purchases.

  • To see unboxing videos and more, check us out on YouTube or visit The Tavern.

Q: Are the items in the Dungeon Crate™ game specific? What if I don’t play that particular game?

At Dungeon Crate™ we try to cover all the bases! Most of our products will be game neutral, so you can use them in a variety of roleplaying and tabletop games. That’s the beauty of Dungeon Crate™.  

My Subscription

Q. When should I sign up?

Our order cycle ends at 5 pm CST on the 4th of the month, and any sign ups that occur after 5 pm on the 4th will be moved to the next month. For example, if you order on or before January 4th, you will receive the January crate. However, if you order after 5 pm CST on the 4th of January, your first crate will be the February crate.

Q. When do renewals happen?

Subscriptions are automatically renewed on the 25th of each month.

  • One-month subscriptions will be billed and renewed on the 25th of each month.

  • Three-month subscriptions will be billed and renewed on the 25th of the 3rd month.

  • Six-month subscriptions will be billed and renewed on the 25th of the 6th month.

A reminder email will be sent out before renewals.

Q: Can I get Dungeon Crate™ for a friend as a gift?

Yes, you can! An option is available at checkout.

Q: How do I make changes to my subscription?

Login to your Dungeon Crate™ account and you can modify your shipping address, payment information, subscription, etc.  

Q: Can I return my Dungeon Crate™?

Dungeon Crate™ is non-refundable and is ineligible for returns.

Q. How do I cancel my subscription?

If you wish to cancel, we’ll be sad to see you go, but Dungeon Crate™ subscribers can cancel their subscription at any time before the renewal date. Cancelling your subscription only cancels the auto renewal, you will still continue to receive any paid for crates. Subscriptions are non-refundable.

It is the responsibility of the customer to cancel their subscription BEFORE THE RENEWAL DATE (25th of the month). We cannot refund your money if you forget to cancel.

To cancel, please login to your Dungeon Crate™ account here and cancel. Once cancellation is complete, you’ll receive a confirmation email.

Q: How’s your customer service? Are you human?

Our customer service is SECOND TO NONE! We couldn’t do this without you, our customers and subscribers, so we pride ourselves on making sure you’re satisfied. If you have questions, complaints, suggestions, or just want to introduce yourself, you can send us an email at We answer ALL email inquiries!


Q. When do the crates ship?

We try to get all crates in the hands of our subscribers by the middle of each month. All packages are shipped in the same large batch, not on demand.

You will receive a notification when we print the postage, but tracking will not be active until the crate is scanned by the USPS. Want more info? Check out our Facebook page and sign up for our email list on our homepage. We try and prevent delays, but sometimes it is out of our hands, so please be patient and make sure to check emails and social media for any updates on each month's crate.

Q: It’s the 25th and I didn’t get my crate, what gives?!

If you received tracking but haven’t received your crate, then please contact us through the Dungeon Crate™ website, or email us at

Please let us know within 30 days of shipping if you’re missing a crate. We would be happy to investigate ASAP. Make sure your shipping address is correct via your user account to ensure your crate goes to the right castle.

Q: My tracking info says my crate was delivered, but I didn’t get it. Now what?

Sometimes the mail carrier marks the packages delivered, but it was sent to the wrong address, or it may be available for pick up at the post office. Please contact your local post office with your tracking info to see if they can assist you in tracking down your shipment.

Q: Does Dungeon Crate™ Ship internationally?

Yes! Dungeon Crate™ Worldwide is international. Make sure you fill out the address form correctly. Customs and shipping charges will apply, and it may take longer to ship to certain places of the world, so please keep that in mind.

Q. We didn’t answer your question?

Then please email us directly. We'll get right back to you!