How to use every item in July's Dungeon Crate

This crate has cool stuff.

Every month, Dungeon Crate sends a treasure chest full of tabletop goodies to your door, and this month’s box is no exception. Inside you’ll find a load of coins, miniatures, adventures, tokens, monsters, and maps perfect for your sessions of Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, or any fantasy RPG.

It’s quite the crate of loot.

Let’s take a review of this month’s Dungeon Crate, shall we?

d20 Coin

This is an Epic d20. The coin from Campaign Coins depicts your standard d20. Give it a flip, and it’ll come up with a 20 on one side (crit!) and a 1 on the other side (fail!). Throw it in your dice bag and use it as a d2 or use it to decide tricky outcomes at the table.

Wizard’s Room Miniatures

Dress up your dungeons with this miniature set. They’re part of WizKids’ Deep Cuts line of unpainted miniatures, and the box includes books, bottles, crystal balls, gargoyles, and lots more. Give them a little paint, and they’ll spruce up your dungeon. 

Marilith Miniature

We wouldn’t want to fight this thing. The monster — half snake, half woman but with six arms —  has quite the stat block. Seven attacks per round! Teleportation! It’s enough to take on a whole party of adventurers, and this official D&D mini from WizKids’ Nolzur’s Marvelous Miniatures line is gorgeous. She comes unpainted, but you can make her look even better with a coat of paint.

The Lost Tomb of Seketon

Oh no! A mummy queen is luring adventurers to their doom. In this mid-level adventure, the monster and her undead minions are beneath a sand-swept desert, and their army is growing one lost explorer at a time. The set of Encounter Cards includes the 5e-compatible adventure, written by Kevin Coffey and illustrated by Dungeon Doodles, plus a brand-new magic item and brand-new monster.

A Snake in the Sand

Traveling from town to town isn’t a big deal. At least, it’s not until a giant sand worm comes along and starts eating everything in sight. Follow the worm back to its underground lair to complete this adventure. Another set of Encounter Cards by Kevin Coffey and Dungeon Doodles, this 5e-compatible adventure features another new magic item and another new monster.

Wall of Flame tokens

Cast fireball. Cast wall of fire. Cast fire shield. Cast fire storm. Really, cast any kind of fire. Then you’ll get to pull out this set of acrylic tokens from the Lords of Adventure and Wargames. The flames are perfect for whenever the wizard or sorcerer wants to light up the room.

Map Tile

On the back of the insert describing the contents of each crate is a map tile. How cool! The gridded map is good for dry erase. Collect them all to form a giant dungeon map. 

* * *

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