How to use everything in May's Dungeon Crate

More maps. More minis. More adventures. More tokens. More, more, more stuff for your game table.

This month’s Dungeon Crate is super packed with new and exclusive stuff that’s usable with the included adventure booklet. But it’s also good for anything you’ve got going on your game table.

Let’s dig in, shall we?

“Friends in Low Places”

A new adventure from Dragons and Things’ evil GM, James Rodehaver, “Friends in Low Places” involves the search for a strange artificer. The intrigue leads to an arcane scrapyard where wizards and alchemists come to shop, but things get crazy when a goblin-infested series of tunnels and laboratories is discovered underneath. This adventure is printed in both 5th edition and Pathfinder versions.


Have you seen Questickers? They’re reusable stickers designed for tabletop. Stick the markers and terrain down on your maps. Stick the monsters and NPCs to the included stands. Then peel them and stick them over and over and over again. Questickers are super cool.

Graveyard Golem

Undead aren’t the only things lurking around the cemetery in your next game. This golem from Reaper is built of fences, monuments, and gravestones. It’s ready for you to paint and plop on the table.

Brain in a Jar

What is keeping it alive? What’s it doing? Can it still think? This brain is suspended in a jar, using wires and magic to control the legs sprouting from its case. It’s a very cool miniature. 

Crate Cards

These cards are handy for any GM. They act as a quick reference with stats for the GM’s use and with large images from Dungeon Doodles so you can show exactly what they look like to players.

Spell Effect Tokens

Perfect for any caster character, these acrylic tokens show exactly how their spells look when they land on the table. One is an entanglement spell (weeds and vines) and the other is a web spell (spider webs). Made by Lords of Adventure and Wargames, the tokens will keep the monsters restrained.

Bag O’ Dice

From the fine purveyors of dice at Chessex, these packs of random dice will add some weight to your ever-growing collection.

Map Tiles

This four-pack of glossy map tiles are double-sided. One side shows off a scrap yard and the other, a laboratory. Use them with “Friends in Low Places” adventure or any other with which they fit. You can also use dry erase markers on them. 

* * *

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