How to use every item in June's Dungeon Crate


Every month, another treasure chest packed with loot.

That’s what you get with Dungeon Crate. And this month’s box is no different. It’s filled with pins, adventures, monsters, miniatures, and other stuff any adventurer will want to take into the next dungeon. 

Let’s tear into June’s Dungeon Crate and talk about how to use every last bit of it. 

D20 pins

Show your inner dice nerd with these three enamel pins from 1980Who. The pins can go on your hat, jacket, bag, or whatever. Show off your D&D pride!

Rescue the Dead

Another adventure from James Rodehaver, the evil GM of Dragons and Things, this adventure is the final installment in a trilogy of modules surrounding the strange artificer Anders Von Horning and the automaton to which he attempted to transfer his consciousness. This 24-page adventure comes in two editions: Pathfinder and D&D 5e.

Monster Markers

These nifty tokens from Lords of Adventure and Wargames, will help when you need to mark monster multiples. When the monster is defeated, pick up the mini and leave the ring (marked with a skull) to show where the downed baddie fell in combat.

Crate Cards

This set of two cards features a duo of new monsters. They’re convenient for GMs who need monster stats on the table, and the large format art from Dungeon Doodles lets you show exactly what the monsters look like to the players at your table.

Dwarf King miniature

All hail the dwarf king! This guy’s ready for an audience. Sitting on top of a throne on a dais, the king seems comfortable with his feet splayed out on a bearskin rug. Once you give the mini from Reaper a little paint, it will be a great display piece or perfect for when the party must meet with a dwarven leader.

Dragon key ring

Everybody needs a key ring. Why not rock one that lets you show off how much you love dragons? Or maybe how much you love slaying them. This green dragon key ring is definitely a conversation starter.

* * *

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