How to use every item in January's Dungeon Crate


This crate is the start of something big.

 January’s edition of Dungeon Crate is epic, the sort of thing that’s perfect to kick off the wild ride ahead.

 This crate contains the first installment in our new adventure series, The God Shard Trilogy. It’s also packed with maps, miniatures, coins, terrain pieces, and more.

 Let’s see what amazing loot we’ll be dropping into your Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, Dungeon World, or whatever games that might grace your table.

The God Shard: Descent into Darkness

Designed for 5th edition, this adventure is the kickoff of a new trilogy. (Where can you get the second and third installments? From Dungeon Crate, of course!) Floyd Cocklin and Kevin Coffey crafted something special for this one. Use it for your next game night. Use the all-new monsters in the back of the adventure. OR save it for when your current adventure winds down and you need something new.

Fold-Out Poster Map

The God Shard: Descent into Darkness largely takes place inside the sprawling Bleakwood Stronghold. It wouldn’t be a dungeon crawl without, well, a dungeon to wander through. This premium map from Dungeon Doodles is detailed and designed to be a keeper. You can use it anytime you need an underground dungeon.

Blood Moon Coin

Use it as a d2. Use it to decide fights between the Paladin and the Warlock. Use it as the secret symbol of a society of werewolves. Use it as an inspiration token. Use it as currency. No matter how you use this copper coin from Shire Post Mint, you’ll surely notice how freaking cool it looks.

Campfire Terrain

Every time the party decides to camp for the night, you can bust out this little acrylic terrain. The pieces easily snap together and — voila — instant campfire! It’s a great one to bring with you whenever the adventure requires camping outdoors. Gamecrafters did a great job making this cool terrain piece.

Bandit Bully Miniature

While ugly, this little enemy is actually a beautiful sculpt. Wielding a giant sword, clenched fist and a menacing look, this model from Reaper Miniatures is ready to assume the role of bad guy in any of your campaigns. Slap some paint on this baddie to make him look even more fierce!

Coffin and Corpse Miniatures

This is a fun one. Any time you need a crypt, vampire’s lair, or tomb scene, drop this miniature in there. Best of all, a corpse (or is it a zombie lying in wait) sits beneath the coffin’s heavy lid. Maybe something will jump out when the adventurers try to open the lid.

Map Tile Card

Collect them all! The back of every insert in Dungeon Crate this year will combine to form an entire underground cavern map. This tile is the first in the series, and we can’t wait to see when they’re all assembled.

* * *

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