How to use every item in February's Dungeon Crate


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There’s a lot in this box: Adventures, miniatures, tattoos, stickers, mystery items, and a cool, unique item that will help you build characters for every game you play for the foreseeable future.

Let’s dig into our box of loot, shall we?

The God Shard Trilogy: The Crystal Key

The second installment of The God Shard Trilogy is here! Taking off from the first adventure, the goal is to unite several disparate clans against an encroaching warlord. The adventure introduces players to another realm of Halcyon and to new NPCs. If you didn’t play the first adventure, that’s OK. This one’s full of encounters and adventures you can drop into your regular game without trouble.

Owlbear Miniature

This. Thing. Is. So. Freaking. Awesome. From Reaper Miniatures, this owlbear is big and beautifully sculpted. It’s also casted in Reaper’s new material from its Black series. Oh, and Reaper has sold out. That makes Dungeon Crate one of the last places to get one.

Centaur Miniature

This one’s ready for some paint. Each box had either a male or female centaur, and they’re ready for battle. (Spoiler Alert!) Hold on to this one because you’ll need it if you’re running, “The Crystal Key.”

Character Sheet Notepad

An exclusive from Dungeon Crate, this notepad has dozens of simplified character sheets. Use it to make pregenerated characters for friends. Or to hash out builds when you’re rolling up a new character. You can also use it to make all those new characters you haven’t found time to play yet.

Temporary Tattoos

Show off your love of D&D and all things RPG by slapping on one of these bad boys.

Pencils of Writing

If you use this pencil, you get a +1 to everything you write down, but you have to attune to the pencil first. It’s magic. We spoke to your DM, she said it was cool.


You love Dungeon Crate! Stick this on something you like. Take a picture. Show off.

Mystery item

We’ve been crafting some mysterious and arcane items in the Dungeon Crate Dungeon. We dropped a few of these magic items into the crates this month. We didn’t think you’d mind! 

* * *

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