How to use every item in April's Dungeon Crate

Dungeon Crate has done it again.

Another box is filled with wondrous items, a menagerie of monstrous miniatures and arcane artifacts that’ll dazzle at the game table. The best part: Dungeon Crate delivers it all straight to your door.

You could play a pretty good game of Dungeons & Dragons or Pathfinder with just the items in this month’s box.

Let’s dig into this month’s crate filled with tabletop treasures, shall we?

“The Mystery of Mechanized Manor”

Exclusive to Dungeon Crate, this adventure from Dragons and Things’ “evil” GM Jim Rodehaver is a blast. Uh, literally. (Things explode. Just, y’know, roll to defuse. What could go wrong?) Something is amiss at the manor of a strange, hermetic artificer. What’s he building down in that shop? It’s up to a party of clever adventurers (maybe that’s you!) to figure it out.

Iron Golem miniature

Paint it like a regular old iron golem. (Grey paint will do.) Paint it like Iron Man. (Crimson and gold!) Paint her pink! (You know you want to!) You can make this little baddie from Reaper Miniatures into whatever you want with a little creativity and some mini paints.

Wall of Ice

This thing is cool. If you’re a wizard, use it when you cast, y’know, the wall of ice spell. If you’re a DM, use it to show off spell effects. If you’re anyone else, use it for whatever. This little plastic wall of frost from Reaper looks amazing no matter what you’re using it for.

Bestiary cards

Here at Dungeon Crate, we’ve made a lot of monsters. Every adventure we’ve created for years has included new monsters. This month’s box is no different, and these glossy finish cards are great as a DM reference (stats!) and to show to your players (amazing art from Dungeon Doodles!) You can also mark them up — track hit points, make notes, etc. — with wet or dry erase markers.

Flight stand

Make your miniatures soar. From the Lords of Adventure and Wargames, these acrylic stands offer 5-foot and 10-foot heights in case your character has prepared fly or rides a dragon or somehow is suspended in the air.

Invisibility token

When the thief hides, the wizard casts greater invisibility or someone just straight-up vanishes — accidental and purposeful teleportations are a part of D&D, folks — mark their place with this handy token from Lords of Adventure and Wargames. It’ll help.

Speckled d20

This is a hefty die. From Chessex, this 34mm speckled “golden recon” die will command respect at the table. Especially if you roll 20s with it. It feels good in your hand, and it looks pretty, too.

Dice Bag

It feels so good. This large bag from Metallic Dice Games will fit a lot of dice. The soft and silky bag is a full 6 x 8 inches, and it closes with a drawstring. Use it for your whole collection or maybe for that one special set of dice that deserves its own bag. You know the one.

Digital Crate

As always, there’s even more stuff online. If you’re a subscriber, be sure to check your e-mail to get the digital crate code!

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