Dungeon Crate Adventure - The Phoenix Initiative Part 3: Rescue the Dead by James Rodehaver


Rescue the Dead is a 6x8-inch, 24-page full color adventure and is compatible with BOTH 5e and Pathfinder. One half (12 pages) features the Fifth Edition compatible version, and the flip side (12 pages) features the Pathfinder First Edition compatible version. It is suitable for 4 to 5 players of 3rd level, and is written by James Rodehaver.

Adventure Summary: Rumors have emerged that Anders Von Horning died mysteriously in the midst of a project called The Phoenix Initiative. The nature of the project is a mystery, but wild speculation abounds after travelers encounter a strange and dangerous automaton on the road outside Bayleen claiming to be Anders Von Horning himself. His surviving family would love to reclaim this construct and determine if it really does hold some vestige of their late kin, but they’ll have to wrest it from the clutches of a reclusive necromancer first.


  • 24-page adventure (dual adventure)

  • 2 Crate Cards (Victor von Horning & The Phoenix)

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