Dungeon Crate Adventure Pack - Epic Encounters Formidable Foes


Epic Encounters: Formidable Foes of Halcyon is a 6 x 8-inch, 12-page full color adventure for levels 6-10 written by Kevin Coffey.

Ice lords, river lizards, pirate kings, mountain zombies, and other various fiends, foes, beasts, and monsters.

That’s what we found in writings from the hand of Rolerick of Rhimms, a bard of some renown. In his travels across the continent of Halcyon, the ballyhooed bard has visited every kingdom, fought many foes and otherwise learned many fantastic tales to bolster his performances.

His extensive writings included this book filled with stories of various dungeons and foes encountered throughout his travels. They include a variety of monsters and NPCs who (along with their various minions) are good for use with parties of five or six adventurers of levels 6 to 10.

The baddies depicted here are good for a variety of uses: A nefarious villain that’s grasping for more power, a random encounter for a mid-level party of adventurers or a few extra encounters to pepper into your campaign when you need something.

Each entry will provide you with a new NPC as a foe, plus information about its lair and what other monsters it may have around it.

Lucky for us, Rolerick took extensive notes.


  • 16-page adventure

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