Past Crates

JULY 2017 - Thieves Guild


JUNE 2017 - D20 Lifestyle

Roleplaying is more than just a hobby, it’s a lifestyle. In the past we’ve given you toys, trinkets, and tabletop accessories, but this month Dungeon Crate offers some fun items to show off your love of all things RPG. This month’s crate has items you can put just about anywhere to let the kingdom know how you roll.

MAY 2017 - Xander's Lost Orb

This crate centers around our very first Dungeon Crate Adventure – Xander’s Lost Orb. You’ll find high adventure set in our home world of Halcyon plus a variety of items you can use when running this or any adventure.


APRIL 2017 - Treasure Awaits

After a long trek through a treacherous dungeon, there’s nothing sweeter than to discover an old chest filled with forgotten treasure waiting for you to claim it. This month’s theme shines with the luster of your adventure’s bounty.


MARCH 2017 - Mother Of Dragons

This month’s theme is The Mother of Dragons. Daenerys Targaryen and her young dragons are represented along with other treasures that will bring a draconic accent to your game table.


FEBRUARY 2017 - Roll High, Don't Die!

This month’s theme is “Roll High – Don’t Die!” Dice are an obsession. This crate offers dice and dice accessories that may, or may not, help you in your quest. Feeling lucky? Let’s hope the dice agree.


JANUARY 2017 - New Year!

It’s 2017 and Dungeon Crate is happy to be celebrating a full year of business. Our New Year Crate offers symbols of peace, luck, adventure, and missteps! All things we encounter throughout a year of gaming.