How to use everything in July's Dungeon Crate

There’s some magical mystery bursting out of this crate.

Let’s dig in, shall we?

Adventure: Inverted Invocations

Be careful. This one is intense. A pair of warlocks have sought out their patron in a dungeon that’s literally been flipped upside down, making every single room a trial. The 12-page adventure is a doozy. Be careful. Check every door. Roll Perception checks in every room.

Warlock Miniatures

Representing the warlock siblings in Inverted Invocations, these minis from Reaper also make great bad guys or NPCs for your games. Just get a little paint on them.

Warlock Character Tracker

Playing a warlock? You will absolutely love this card, which is designed by Dungeon Crate. It lets you track the class’ unique spell and invocation structure as well as other warlock abilities and ammunition. It’s essential.

Warlock Button

Show your warlock pride! Stick it on your bag or your shirt or wherever you like to put buttons.

Chessex Dice

A full set of black and red dice will be a great addition to your dice bag.

Laser Pointer and Ruler

DMs will love this one. A pocket-sized laser pointer will let you point out spots on the table without bumping any minis or terrain you have sitting out there. The ruler is a big help to, as it lets you measure out distances on the tabletop.

Map Tile

Dungeon Crate started putting maps on the back of the crate inventory card, making every little piece of the crate contents something you can use on the table. Awesome!

Digital Crate

As always, the crate comes with digital versions of the adventure, maps, handouts and other extras. But you have to be a subscriber!

* * *

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