How to use everything in August's Dungeon Crate

This month’s crate is epic.

August’s crate is packed with an all-new adventure book, a set of dungeon tiles, coins, buttons and a customizable character notebook to keep all your notes in one place.

Let’s dig into this treasure.

Epic Encounters – Formidable Foes!

Written by Kevin Coffey, the latest in the Epic Encounters series brings you a whole bunch of new monsters, NPCs and maps. Each section details a hideout or dungeon and its inhabitants, which are led by a brand new monster design. You can drop these into your campaigns or set one of them up as a big bad guy.

Dungeon Tile

The insert that describes the content of the crate? The reverse side is a dungeon tile from Dungeon Doodles. How cool is that?

RPG Character Journal – Crit For Brains

This thing is cool. It’s a character sheet and campaign notebook all in one. The front portion has pages for your character’s stats, equipment and background. That’s followed by pages describing important allies and enemies and a spell book. There are even pages to draw maps, doodle and take notes.

Random Miniature — Reaper

This month, everyone gets something a little different. Each crate has one of three large miniatures from Reaper: A fire demon, a frost giant bodyguard or a demon lord of the undead. Each of them makes a fearsome enemy, and they’ll all look pretty sweet when you put a little paint on them.

Trade Bar Metal Ingots – Campaign Coins

Actual coins make playing RPGs that much more immersive. But what about trade bars? Used in larger transactions, trade bars are worth a whole lot more than a few coins. These trade bars from Campaign Coins are the property of various guilds. Each box has a random one of the three from the Merchant’s Guild, Thieves’ Guild and Wizard’s Guild.

Four Map Tiles – Dungeon Doodles

Four cards, two map layouts. These tiles were hand-crafted by Dungeon Doodles, and they are the same scale as the tiles on the back of the crate insert. Fancy, huh?

Super Awesome Button! - Dungeon Crate

The most random piece of this epic crate is this button. It’s awesome, but it’s completely random. We heard the elves got into the whiskey again and started making buttons out of whatever artwork they found lying around.


* * *


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