How to use Dungeon Crate at your game table


Every month, Dungeon Crate delivers game-worthy goodies to your front door.

But what do you do with those goodies?

The miniatures, dice, adventures, tokens, terrain, coins, notebooks and other items often have obvious uses — y’know, roll the dice, use the miniatures in your games. But there’s always tons more you can do with everything in your box every month.


Often, Dungeon Crate includes miniatures that are a part of our exclusive adventures. You can definitely use them there but try creating your own encounter around a monster miniature. We’re also fans of crafting a new player character based off a mini we love. It’s even more satisfying if you paint it up and make it yours.

Alternately, make your new mini into an important NPC or perhaps a villain. A wight miniature we included recently could easily be a lich, a lord of undead, a deathlock or a necromancer.


There should be more to do in a tavern than find jobs and meet your new adventuring party. We like to create tavern games based off dice rolls.

Create a drinking game using the d8 you find in the box (adding bonuses for drinking stronger liquors or negative consequences for failing the associated constitution check). Or make a gambling game using a sweet d20. For example, each player rolls til they get a 20. The more rolls it takes, the more money they have to put in the pot.


Every month, Dungeon Crate includes a new adventure created just for our subscribers. Maybe you’re in the middle of another adventure or not looking for something new to play.

But there’s always something from the adventures you can use in your games. Each adventure comes with a digital crate full of exclusive maps, new monsters from our bestiary and newly created magic items.

Grab that beefed up minotaur to drop in a random encounter. Pull the roadside encounter map to use in your own game.


We love using coins in our games. They offer a unique and cool way to represent currency rather than simply writing down how many gold points you’ve got on a character sheet. You can also use them as inspiration tokens, offer it to a player for great play, mark treasure locations on the map or use them to play tavern games.

The Box

“Wait, the box?” you say. Yeah, the box. If you’re anything like us, you have loads of D&D stuff laying around. The Dungeon Crate box is fantastic for storage, especially when you’ve been subscribing for a while and have built up a collection of them. You can also chop up the cardboard and turn them into tiles for your games. Or, turn the box into a tiny photo studio for your miniatures.

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