How to use everything in June's Dungeon Crate

Things are feeling a little… shady.

That’s what this month’s box is all about: The Shady Lady tavern and the adventure in which it’s featured.

Many of the items in this box tie into the adventure, but they’re all useful for D&D, Pathfinder and other fantasy RPG players, no matter what adventure you’re running.

Inside June’s Dungeon Crate, there’s the adventure, coins, two miniatures, two maps, terrain, dice and a freaking bath bomb.

So, draw a bath, crack open that adventure booklet, and let’s relax while we get into this box, shall we?

A Shady Situation adventure module — Dungeon Crate Adventures

shady situation.JPG

Dungeon Crate went big this time. Upgrading from a simple four-page pamphlet to this 12-page, full-color booklet is big. A little more than a one-session adventure, this booklet takes adventurers on a trip to a distillery to free a cask of whiskey from bandits and return it in time for a major celebration. Also: Lizard Pirates. Yeah. This is a fun one, and it’s the biggest adventure Dungeon Crate has done yet.

How to use it: Roll up a few characters. Play.

Metal Inspiration Coins – 1980Who


These golden tokens are perfect to hand out at the table when players roleplay just right or pull off something particularly cool. We love the inspiring design stamped into the coins.

How to use it: Hand them out as needed for inspiration at the game table. Or use them as in-game currency. Or use them as three powerful magic coins that need to be found before they fall into the wrong hands.

Shady Lady Mini – Reaper

Representing the fearsome Bonnie LaBlanc from A Shady Situation, this badass Bones mini from the talented hands at Reaper is good for any barmaid-turned-asskicker.

How to use it: Any time you need a strong woman in the game, drop this mini on the table. She’s awesome.

Reptilian Mini – Reaper

Once again representing a character from A Shady Situation (specifically the lizard river pirates), this guy is an ugly, mean one.

How to use it: Good to represent any kind of lizardman, jungle monster, kobold or (maybe) even a dragonborn.

D20 Bath Bomb – Fizzy Fairy Apothecary


Oh man. We’ve tried these, and they are a delight. Treat yourself to a fizzy, yummy-smelling time in the tub with one of these nerdy-themed bath treats. And just like many bath bombs, there’s a surprise inside.

How to use it: Fill up the tub. Drop it in. Let it fizz. Enjoy your bath.

Mini Wood Barrels – Dungeon Crate

The Shady Lady needs to be stocked with these wooden barrels. They’re great terrain for any bar setting or tavern map.

How to use it: Put them on the table any time you need small terrain, use them as counters or put halflings in them and cruise down the river.

Terrain Card: The Lisran – Dungeon Doodles


This double-sided terrain card represents both the upper and lower levels of the good ship The Lisran in A Shady Situation.

How to use it: Any time you need a small boat, drop this guy on the table. The small card size means you can use it on top of any map.

d24 – GameScience

We like weird dice. This guy looks kinda like a standard d20, but it has a few extra sides. The precision dice from Game Science are always beautiful, and we bet you’ll find a few uses for this oddity.

How to use it: Create a random table with 24 possible entries. Roll it instead of a d12. Use it to track the hours in a day.

* * *

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