A beginner's guide to Dungeon Crate

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Welcome to Dungeon Crate.

You’ve taken your first step down a road that goes ever on and on. We know you might have some questions about subscription boxes and the kind of stuff you’d receive in Dungeon Crate.

We have answers.

So, what is this crate business?

If you’ve never gotten one before, subscription crates are like monthly surprises you get for yourself. The basic idea is this: Every month, a specially-curated crate arrives at your doorstep with all kinds of goodies. And the price you pay is generally a lot less than the value of the items in the box.

It’s really fun and it can be really addicting. (We get, um, more than a few crates sent to our door every month.)

But what about Dungeon Crate?

Dungeon Crate is like other subscription boxes except we specialize in items for tabletop fantasy RPGs like Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder (and many, many others).

We were the first to do what we do, and we still think we’re the best.

What sorts of things should I expect in Dungeon Crate?

Only the best stuff.

Each crate includes several items. Past crates have included dice, miniatures, adventures, tokens, terrain, coins, notebooks, more dice, character trackers, dice trays, pins, pint glasses, pawns, dice bags, card decks, even more dice and items that fit your RPG-playing lifestyle. (The d20-shaped soaps were a hit.)

Many are custom items available only through Dungeon Crate.

Do all the items work together?

Each month has a theme, which is often centered around the adventure booklet we create just for Dungeon Crate.

Many times, the tokens, miniatures and other pieces work with the adventure, but they’re also universal enough that they can be used for any of your RPG sessions.

Do I get to pick the items?

We do that for you. We curate each crate to be something special, and every month is different. Everyone gets the same items. If you’re a Dungeons & Dragons gamer, you’ll dig them.

One month might be a thief adventure, a d20, rogue miniatures, inspiration tokens and elven coins. The next month might be a magical adventure, wizard miniature, magic item card deck, wizard familiar tokens and a button.

What else is there?

You may think the stuff that’s in the crate is all that the crate comes with. You would be wrong. We have more for you.

We also put together a kickass digital crate every month. It can include printable maps, virtual tabletop tokens, artwork, papercraft terrain and monster stats from our ever-expanding bestiary.

Sounds awesome. How do I subscribe?

It’s easy. Just go here and sign up.

We’re glad you’re on board.