How to use the minis, adventures and other items in April's Dungeon Crate

There’s something hidden in this month’s Dungeon Crate.

This month’s box is packed full of fun and a little bit of mystery, too.

With the contents of this month’s box, you can run our latest adventure, Hammeraxe’s Hidden Haul, get caffeinated, help your adventuring party track its movements or foist a devastating monster upon your players.

Fill up your cup, and let’s dive into this month’s Dungeon Crate.

Hammeraxe’s Hidden Haul


When a farmer hires a group of adventurers to escort a shipment of magical coffee beans, he forgets to give them all the details about what they’re hauling. They’re in for a surprise when bandits try to steal the coffee. That’s all we’ll tell you about this adventure, which is more fun if you don’t know the ending. It involves some scary beasts and a whole lot of caffeine.

How to Use it: Get some friends. Roll some dice. Enjoy the adventure!

Coffee Sampler


Did someone say caffeine? This bag of Improved Initiative Blend from the Anodyne Coffee Roasting Company will give you the energy you need to keep gaming all day and all night. Dungeon Crate had this blend of coffee specially made by the game-loving folks at Anodyne. We checked with them, and drinking this coffee also gives you a +1 to your initiative bonus. We swear. We already cleared it with your DM and everything.

How to Use it: Grind it up. Pass hot water through the grounds. Strain the grounds out. Add cream or sugar to your liking. Drink it. Feel the energy boost.

Cartography Notebook

From the folks at 1980Who, these notebooks are meant to help you map your games. If you play theater-of-the-mind, the party’s scribe can help map out an area. If you’re creating your own adventures, you can use this to quickly map out an area. If you’re waiting for the wizard to decide what spell he’s going to cast, you can use it to doodle a little bit.

How to Use it: Filled with pages and pages of ⅛ inch graph paper, it’s perfect for creating dungeon maps. If you want some advice on drawing maps with pencil and pen, we recommend visiting cartographer extraordinaire Dyson Logos.

Carrion Worm

carrion worm.jpg

This ugly little spud from Reaper just burst out of the ground and is ready to swallow your character whole. This thing is gnarly and an amazing sculpt from Kevin Williams. Those teeth look ready to tear any would-be adventurer to pieces.

How to Use it: Paint him up and use him in your adventures. It could stand in for a carrion crawler, a purple worm or any slimy, burrowing horror you choose.

Dry Erase Character Tracker


Rather than shuffling through all those pieces of paper trying to find information on your character sheet, track it all on this handy dry erase tracker. This is going to save a lot of time at the table, and now we won’t have to pack an eraser.

How to Use it: Keep your character sheet nice and neat inside a folder and use this thing to do the dirty work. Track hit points, death saves, armor class, attacks, saving throws and lots more. Then just wipe it off when you’re done.

Digital Crate


This month’s digital crate is absolutely packed. It includes stats for the adventure, including the all-new Carrion Worm, as well as a new type of goblin. If you have kiddos, there’s a maze for their entertainment. And the wagon featured in the adventure is available as a piece of papercraft terrain.

How to Use it: Download it. Print it out. Get to gaming.

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