How to use the minis, adventures and other items in March's Dungeon Crate

Pull up a stool.

This month’s Dungeon Crate is all about the tavern. 

With the contents of this month’s box, you can create stats for your in-game pub, serve your friends beverages in a cup from one of our fantasy taverns and even staff the place with miniatures straight from the box. 

Raise those glasses high and dive into Dungeon Crate.

Epic Encounters - Tavern Builder


Ah, the tavern! The place where adventurers like to meet up, spend some coin and find new adventures. Instead of using a generic pub, why not craft a fuller scene? We made the Tavern Builder, so it’s obvious that we like it. But it makes creating a tavern, inn, pub or dive easy, plus it gets fleshed out with a menu, staff and patrons.

How to use it: Any time you want to whip a spot for your characters to meet, pull out the Tavern Builder booklet and roll a few dice. Bam! You have a bar.

Tavern Pint Glass


In Halcyon, Dungeon Crate’s very own campaign setting, we’ve created some taverns of our own. So, we talked to the folks at Advanced Deployment to make us some official drinkware for those taverns. These things are sweet, and they’ll keep your drink frosty all night.

How to use it: Find a beverage. Fill up your cup. Enjoy.

Bartender and dwarf miniatures


You’re gonna need some people in that tavern. These miniatures from Reaper depict a bartender and a drinkin’ dwarf and his keg. No matter what kind of tavern you create, you’ll be able to use these two.

How to use it: Paint them up, for starters. Then give them names and plan to use them in a future tavern encounter. Maybe the bartender has lots of secrets he’ll tell… for a price. Maybe the dwarf… well, maybe he’s just drunk. He does have that whole keg.

Coins and bag


You gotta have some coin to pay for your drinks. These coins and bag from Rare Elements Foundry are great to add to your collection or perfect to help you get started with one. We love using real coinage at our tables. 

How to use it: Instead of marking gp and pp and cp and whatever on your sheet, use the coins to actually track your character’s wealth. If you don’t have enough, you can use them as inspiration tokens, as a d2, or as markers on your table.



These dice are so precise. Another single die from Game Science will add to our collection of sweet, precision dice. These things roll so well.

How to use it: First things first: Use a white crayon or a paint pen to ink in the numbers on the die. Also use an X-acto to shave off any excess plastic so they roll just right. Then use the d10 for your character’s tavern drinking game. 

Triplefour Dice


Can we be honest? The d4 is terrible. It’s necessary, but it’s the worst die in your bag. With three numbers on each face, it can be hard to read. They don’t roll so much as flop around on the table. And they are better used as caltrops than dice. Enter the Triplefour. This twelve-sided die has three of each face - 1 through 4 - making it just as random but easier to read than your standard d4. 

How to use it: Give them to your wizard for magic missile rolls. He’ll be so thankful, he’ll get to work crafting that magic item for you right away.

Digital Crate

We can only fit so much into the adventure booklet, so we put all the extras right here. In addition to the Tavern Builder worksheet in the booklet, the digital crate spells out NPC stats, offers additional tavern encounters, gives sample maps for each tavern type and features several gambling and drinking games.

How to use it: When you make your tavern, make sure you access the digital crate to make things as awesome as you possible can. Plus, you can use the maps to print or to put on a virtual tabletop.

* * *

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