Welcome to the Dungeon Crate Adventurer’s Guild!

Dungeon Crate Adventurer's GUild.jpg

We love our fans, and we’re happy you have a place to trade Dungeon Crate items, talk about the crate, get to know each other and, most especially, talk about gaming.

The Facebook page was previously known as the Dungeon Crate Trading Post, and because you, the Dungeon Crate fans, were already using the page to hang out and talk D&D, we wanted to expand the focus of the page.

There are tons of places to get memes and talk about your ongoing Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder games, but there’s only one community like this one.

So how should you use the page? We have some ideas.

Show off your loot. This is our favorite. The whole idea of Dungeon Crate is to give you some awesome stuff for your games, so show everyone how you’re using it. That could be the way you set up some terrain, the hilarious critical failure card you dropped on the table or how you’re running one of our adventures. We want to see it all.

Discuss topics from Dungeon Crate Live. Just because the video ends, doesn’t mean the chat has to. Keep the conversation going.

Play games with the Dungeon Crate Crew. We like to play, and we want to play with fans. We’ll be setting up some online games on Roll20, and we’d love for you to play with us.

Look for more items. Was there something in a crate you loved so much that you want more of them? This is the place. You may love an item so much that you want another. You can offer payment, but you can also make trades. Perhaps you’d be willing to trade some tokens for a miniature, a deck of cards for a wallet or a shot glass for a bag of coins.

Offer unwanted items. You might not love everything in a given crate. That’s cool. That’s the nature of subscription boxes. You’ll likely love a few items and like the rest just fine. Occasionally, there might be something you don’t enjoy so much or simply won’t use. So, offer it up on the page. Someone will love what you’re willing to part with.

Post your painted miniatures. Some of the miniatures in Dungeon Crate come unpainted, so let’s see how you painted your pieces! It’s fun to see how many different paint schemes you all can think up for the same sculpt.

Tell us how you’re running Dungeon Crate Adventures. We love that people are playing our adventures, and we want to hear all about it. Tell us how it’s going. Ask us questions of the designers. Show off how you modified the encounters. Let us know how you fit the adventures into your own campaign. Take pictures of your table and let us know how it looks.

Talk about other products you like. Is there something you’re using at your table you want people to know about? Post it. We may even like it so much that we put it in a future Dungeon Crate.

Show us what you’re playing. Show off your gaming table. Talk about your hobby station. Post pictures of the castle you’re building.

Ask questions. Trying to make something for your table? Have a rules question? Wondering how you should best use an item in Dungeon Crate? Post your question, and people will help you out.

Talk games. This is a community of gamers who love RPGs so much they subscribe to a monthly box of stuff for their campaigns. You’re among friends who love the same stuff, so go ahead and talk about it.

Make friends. Fans of Dungeon Crate come from all over, and we’re happy to report they’re good people. Say hello and get to know each other.