Talking to the creators of The God Shard Trilogy

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Next month’s Dungeon Crate kicks off an epic series of adventures.

Dubbed The God Shard Trilogy, the adventures will be available exclusively in Dungeon Crate™.

The trilogy was written by Floyd Cocklin and Kevin Coffey. It focuses on the god shards, pieces of a destroyed god that rained down upon the world of Halcyon and peppered its magic energy throughout the continent.

The first adventure, Descent Into Darkness, features multiple competing factions, magic items, and an abandoned fortress swarming with hobgoblins.

We spoke to the creators about the adventure, which you can get by subscribing to Dungeon Crate. 

Q: What inspired this epic adventure?

Floyd: There were a few reasons behind it. Up until now, our adventures have been kind of a grab bag of different themes and settings but were pretty light on Halcyon lore. There is always a story but given the goal of producing adventures that are easy for a game master to read quickly and run right away, there were limitations on how much of Halcyon we could include. There was also a pretty conscious effort to make them truly modular, so that GMs could drop them into any other fantasy setting they liked. It also tends to be the case that we alternate writers on different months, so one month's adventure could be pretty different from the previous one.

So, I decided to run the idea by Kevin to collaborate on a trilogy — some adventures that could show off some of the lore we developed and could be run in order, but also were possible to run as standalone adventures. So, a combination of more narrative but keeping the flexibility of our monthly adventures so they are easy to run right out of the box.

Q: What else can we expect from the adventure?

Kevin: As Floyd said, we’re fleshing out the world of Halcyon more and more. This adventure also features three factions, each with independent goals, that will seek help from the adventurers.

That gives the adventurers more than one goal and sometimes competing goals. What if one player is working for the Dead Hands and the other is working for the Golden Sunrise?

Q: What, exactly, is a God Shard?

Floyd: One of the major themes to Halcyon — evidenced even by its name — is its citizens yearning to return to a golden age that is long in its past. Several centuries ago, the archfiends from the netherworld below struck at the god of magic, Bhaelos, and flung him from the heavens. For 11 days, Bhaelos fell toward the earth, each day bringing some great doom to the world as the archfiends battled the other gods. On the 12th day, Bhaelos smashed into Halcyon and his body shattered.

The God Shards are the remnants of his body, magical essences that are highly sought after by forces of good and evil alike. A few factions in particular are interested in them and this series of adventures will get the adventurers embroiled in the middle of their struggle.

Kevin: And they’ll continue to be a big part of our world’s lore. Who found these shards? What are they doing with them? They could be discovered by goblin tribes who don’t realize what power they’ve unearthed. They could corrupt previously noble kings. They could be sought after by villains thirsty for power.

And there’s even a cult that seeks to reunite the shards and bring Bhaelos back from the dead.

Q: It's going to be a trilogy. What's the first adventure?

Floyd: The first adventure introduces a major conflict in Vargosa. The liegelord has been overthrown in a bloody coup by his nephew, Aurentius. This new overlord is hunting down dissidents and other threats to his power. The story begins with the adventurers helping someone that is being hunted by Lord Aurentius' henchmen. What seems to be a simple task of sneaking someone to safety starts to unravel bigger events that are in store for the region . . . and the real thrust behind Aurentius' motivations.

Q: And where does it go from there?

Floyd: If the party is successful, they will have made some new allies alongside some powerful enemies. Small clues in the first adventure will start to unwind into what's really going on, and the adventurers will have to navigate the machinations of a number of factions who are all after the same thing.

Hint: it involves God Shards and the legacy of an ancient emperor!

Kevin: And it really is a trilogy. Everything connects.

If you subscribe to Dungeon Crate™ and get the entire adventure, it will come together really nicely. That said, if you do miss a month, each adventure will stand on its own.

* * *

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