How to use every item in December's Dungeon Crate


It’s been a cold December, but thankfully we all have Dungeon Crate to warm us up.

And this month’s box was a hot one.

A special winter crate came into our mailboxes full of some awesome and exclusive items just for Dungeon Crate subscribers.

Every item is spectacular, and they’re ready to roll at your next game of Dungeons & Dragons or Pathfinder.

So what’s in this wonderful crate? Let’s dig in.

Hatching a Holiday Heist

It wouldn’t be the holidays without a special holiday-themed adventure by Kevin Coffey. In this adventure, the players join forces with an impetuous little goblin thief named Lawrence “Hotfoot” Gurgleson to, uh, steal some dragon eggs. From a nest. While the mother is away. What could go wrong?

Volcanic map tiles

Y’know that dragon lair from Hatching a Holiday Heist? Our pal at Dungeon Doodles made it a reality with these four epic map tales depicting the lair, which happens to be inside an active volcano. On the flip side is a dungeon, so these tiles are good to go for any kind of adventure.

Socks of Warming

Cold? Use these magical socks. Made specially for Dungeon Crate and covered in d20s, these epic socks will keep you warm. When you wear these socks, you should ask your GM for a +1 on all fire-related checks and attacks. We talked it over with them. They said it was cool.

Death Saves Counter

We can’t get enough of this premium item from 1980Who. Show off your new device to all your pals. If they’re jealous, feel free to closely observe their HP and villainously tick off their death save successes and failures.

Temple dragon miniature

We can’t get enough of this sculpt. It’s a beautiful one from Reaper miniatures. The dragon sits perched atop a plinth, menacingly awaiting your adventuring party. Give it some paint and drop it on the table. Or display it for your fellow gamers. It’s that good.

* * *

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