How to use everything in November’s Dungeon Crate


Oh man. Another packed crate.

But are you surprised? Every month, Dungeon Crate is full of wonderful items perfect to play on your game table tonight.

November’s box features a brand new adventure, A Hexing at Hawkswood, as well as a bunch of other stuff that you can use with and independent of the module.

Let’s crack it open, shall we?


How much do the people at Dungeon Crate care about you? Lots. When a shipment of coins was delayed, instead of leaving the box short, they pulled out their own collection of coins to make sure customers weren’t missing an item. Some people received new coins from Rare Elements, and others received the personal hoard of the Dungeon Crate team.

A Hexing at Hawkswood Adventure

A school of magic has been taken over by a horrible, no good, very bad crypto lich. A portal has been opened to The Deep, and the normally idyllic Hawkswood Academy has been overrun with deepwraiths and terrible fiends. The adventure takes a few nods from a certain popular novel series about a boy, his school of magic and the nefarious fiend seeking to take over the world. It also introduces some scary new monsters for your bestiary.

Hoardlings miniatures

These three, leathery-skinned demon-looking things can cause some havoc. And they can even be used to represent a few monsters in A Hexing at Hawkswood!

Dungeon Tile

The insert describing the contents of the crate? Flip it over. It’s a dungeon! And it fits with other tiles from this year’s crate. A whole map! How cool is that?

Stealth Dice Set

There are a few ways to use this dice set from Chessex: Assign the dark, speckled blue dice with white numbers to a particularly dark and stealthy character. Or you could give them to a wizard or sorcerer who prefers cold and ice magic. You could also just use them for any character because, well, they look really cool.

Dragonborn pin

Show your love for the dragon-like humanoid race of dragonborn with this badass pin. Pin it to your game bag! Pin it to your jacket! Pin it to your dice bag, which contains a set of dice color-coded to your dragonborn character’s breath weapon. (If you haven’t done that yet, get on it!)

Halcyon map

All of the adventures produced by Dungeon Crate take place in the fantastical realm of Halcyon. Now you can follow along with the adventures with this fold-out poster map of the entire world.

Scribe’s Adventure Log
This thing is sweet! This wet-erase log lets you keep track of all the loot and other items found when your party is out adventuring. Once everything is distributed among the group, wipe the thing clean so it’s fresh for the next adventure.

* * *

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