How to use every item in September's Dungeon Crate

Has there ever been a Dungeon Crate more packed than this one?

Upon opening September’s Dungeon Crate, it felt like the box was bursting with items. This month, there’s lots to use on the tabletop as well as a few things to keep you organized and show off your love of the game.

As usual, Dungeon Crate featured a full Dungeons & Dragons-compatible adventure, maps, miniatures, dice and other accessories.

Let’s dig into our crate full of loot, shall we?

Hell and High Water

Written by Floyd Cocklin, this adventure takes you inside a family’s ancestral keep. The problem? The whole place has been flooded. The water filling the ancient building is just as scary as the monsters hiding within. Just remember, this one has a Floyd Warning! It ranks a little higher on the difficulty scale than you might be used to.

Dungeon Tile

The insert that describes the content of the crate? The reverse side is a dungeon tile from Dungeon Doodles. How cool is that?

Shadow Demon – Reaper

A winged monster bursting from the shadows? Scary stuff. This one’s cast in translucent purple plastic, and it’s usable on the table as-is or with a quick coat of paint.

Banshee — Reaper

This haunted and howling spirit seems to swirl straight out of the table. Cast in green translucent plastic, this ghostly monster miniature is ready to play on the table right now.

Sarcophogus — Reaper

A great piece of dungeon dressing, this sarcophagus, tomb or grave makes a great centerpiece for any room in your dungeon.

Healing Potion Vial – Dungeon Crate Creations

Keep this one in your bag of holding until you need it. Each vial contains several d4, which is perfect for whenever your character needs to down a potion. Just pull out your vial, pop off the top and roll the proper amount of dice to get back those much-needed hit points.

Tiefling Art Print - Josh Ketchen

Josh Ketchen makes some really beautiful art. This piece of a noble but defiant looking tiefling is great to represent your character, a demonic NPC or, maybe the best idea yet, for framing and displaying in your game room.

Bookmarks — Dungeon Doodles

How many times do you flip to the index to find spells or abilities or rules or whatever? Save some time with these nifty bookmarks, which are compatible with dry erase markers. Mark ‘em up and stuff them in your favorite rulebooks and adventure modules. And if you need them, you can flip them over and use the backs as map tiles. (They work great with the map tiles on the back of the crate insert.)

Stickers — Dungeon Doodles

Show off your love of all things RPG by slapping up one of these stickers.

* * *

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