How to use everything in October's Dungeon Crate

by Dungeon Doodles

by Dungeon Doodles

Happy Halloween!

There’s some scary, spooky and downright horrifying things in this month’s Dungeon Crate.


Epic Encounters: Cult Classics

Happy Halloween! These are downright creepy tributes to Dungeon Crate’s favorite horror films. So, if you’ve ever wanted to adventure to Camp Crystal Clear Lake or fight off hordes of zombies attacking some cabin in the woods, this is your jam. They’re great horror drop-ins for any campaign or you can set it up as one superbly haunted town that just can’t shake the supernatural and undead.


These. Are. So. Cool. As much as we dig tokens and pawns, these are better. The stickers are re-stickable, and they stick to anything. So, use them in your games, and then use them and use them again. The set comes with stands for the NPCs and monsters and Questickerpickers (the guitar pick-like things) to help you peel them off. And this is only a tease. There are lots more coming from Dungeon Crate.

Dungeon Map Tile

Flip over the insert describing the items and… Free map tile! Sweet!

Cult Classics Map Tiles

The creepy locales from the adventure? We have the maps right here. Illustrated by the talented Dungeon Doodles, these tiles are great, dark, haunted additions to your game table. You can use them with Cult Classics or throw them on the table any time you need a haunted cabin.

Wet Erase Markers

There are so many map tiles in this Dungeon Crate (and lots of past Dungeon Crates, too!) that you might need some markers. These guys work great on any map or map tile with a glossy surface such as those included in this here crate or products like Paizo’s GameMastery flip-mats.

Jumbo d20

If you’re playing haunted Halloween adventures, you might have the lights down low. That’ll make it tough to read your dice rolls. But problem solved: How about a giant d20 with big numbers? And what if it also glows in the dark? These are great pieces from Metallic Dice Games.

Dark Young Miniature

There is something lurking in the darkness, and it has tentacles. This massive miniature from Reaper will reach its slippery limbs out of the shadows, grabbing characters and pulling them toward certain death. This mini is huge, and it’ll be a whole lot of fun to paint.

Potion Token Set

Pick up a potion in that last dungeon? Mark it with these acrylic potion tokens from Game Crafters. One potion bottle is clear, but the rest are colored so you can mark the various types of elixirs your character is storing for the next battle.

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