New at the Table: Where to get dice, maps, minis and more


You’re playing in a D&D group. You’ve created a character. You’ve decided on a game to play.

But then you look around the table, and maybe you feel your trove of precious loot is a little lacking. There’s the guy with a sack full of dice. There’s the DM with miniatures for every occasion. There’s the player with the sweet dice tray. There’s the girl who has a kickass character sheet.

Where are they getting all this stuff?

It should come as no surprise that with the popularity of Dungeons & Dragons and other fantasy RPGs, there are loads of accessories floating around out there.

And we can help you find them.

Your friendly local game store. Also known as an FLGS, a local shop is the best place to start. They usually offer space to play games, so supporting them by buying minis, dice, books and whatever is a great way to go.

Dungeon Crate. Can we recommend that? Every month, get dice, miniatures, adventures, maps, tokens, coins and all kinds of other stuff delivered to your door. Seriously. You wouldn’t even have to go shop. Curated by a team of gamers, the box will just show up every month. Subscribe.

Go straight to the manufacturer. Many of the companies that make RPG accessories sell directly to their customers. You don’t have to own a shop or a website to buy from them. Get dice from Chessex. Get miniatures from Reaper.

Etsy. There’s a lot of great handmade and original stuff out there like this spell tracker or this plush dice set. Do a search for D&D or Pathfinder and watch the results pour in.

Ask your friends. Love their dice bag? That sweet dragonborn miniature? The notebook that has their character sheet inside? Ask them where they got it and get your own. If it’s cool, everyone should have one.

If you’re looking for miniatures, it’s worth checking out places like Miniature Market, Troll and Toad or Cool Mini Or Not. They deal in all kinds of minis: Pre-painted and unpainted minis from dozens of different manufacturers. Looking for something very specific? Check out HeroForge, which lets you make a custom figure, which they 3D print for you.

* * *

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