December Crate Overview

We hope you’re having a happy holiday.

And we hope it was made all the happier by our holiday crate!

Contained in December’s box of RPG loot are a whole lot of Christmas and winter-themed items as well as plenty of other gear you’ll find useful in any of your Dungeons & Dragons or Pathfinder games.

Let’s dig in.

Slashing Through the Snow
This month’s outing from Dungeon Crate Adventures takes the party to the frozen tundra. The jolly old elf who was a benefactor to the people of a small Northern town has been overtaken by an evil spirit, who has stolen all the town’s children. Frightful creatures such as evil snowmen, ice elemental and ice goblins inhabit the snow-covered town. and it’s up to the adventurers to stop them and save the children while navigating the endless blizzard that has overtaken the town. We hope your character packed mittens.

Evil Snowmen Miniatures
These three nefarious snow monsters from Reaper are perfect to use in “Slashing Through the Snow,” drop into your snow-themed adventures or paint up and discreetly insert into your family’s Dickensian Christmas village decorations. We won’t tell.

Holiday Ornaments
Merry Crit-mas! Our fine friends at Advanced Deployment created another set of holiday ornaments to hang in your tree (or wherever you show off your holiday-loving side). Long-time subscribers will remember we include these in every holiday crate.

This crate has lots of loot. Set of 15 coins from Rare Elements Foundry

Slime Miniature
Gross. This little piece from Dungeon Crawler depicts a skull being swept up in nasty green slime. It’s perfect to show something murky and dangerous lurking in the depths of any dungeon. It’s such a perfect sculpt, showing movement in a little splash of slime.

Giant Ant Miniature
If an ant can lift something 10 times its weight, what can this giant ant lift? Watch out when you encounter one of these in the dungeons. This mini from Dungeon Crawler is another great one.

Digital Crate

Once again, there are lots more digital goodies to be found at that will enhance the items in your physical crate. December’s digital crate includes the full text of “Slashing Through the Snow,” in addition to extra artwork, DM and player maps, digital assets to run the adventure on virtual tabletops and the adventure’s complete bestiary, which includes several new monsters.