October: Cig Neutron, Bingeworthy, Weirdness.

This box was weird. And we mean that in the best way.

For October’s Dungeon Crate, we teamed up with Cig Neutron. To those who don’t know him, Cig is the latest winner of Syfy’s “Face Off,” where special effects artists compete to see who’s the best among them all.

Cig is a big-time gamer (maybe you’ve seen him rolling dice on D&D’s official Twitch channel), and he also created his own universe of weird and wild creatures.

So, we tapped Cig to help us with this box and for ideas to introduce his Sleazy Universe into this month’s adventure, “Drink or Die.”

Let’s dig in, shall we?

“Drink or Die”
Our latest adventure taps into the mind of Cig Neutron, introducing creatures such as binge bugs and buttgrubs to your D&D table. A strange interplanar carnival has invaded a town and it’s up to your party of adventurers to figure out what’s going on. But there’s a catch: Each adventurer wakes up from an epic bender with a binge bug attached to his head. The bugs feed on alcohol, so you’ll have to stay drunk to keep the bug from eating your brain. Our regular four-page adventure booklet is in the crate, but you’ll have to download the complete, 25-page digital crate to play it. (We kinda went all-out on this one.)

Dungeon Crate Shot Glass
The best way to participate in “Drink or Die” is to have a drink. Imbibe a bit with these DC shot glasses. (They even come with a couple dice!) And so, you should get a bonus to your roll for using the shot glass as a dice cup. Take down your drink, use it to roll your die across the table and get a +2 to your roll.

Pumpkin Golem Miniature
It wouldn’t be Halloween without pumpkins. And when evil druids visit the pumpkin patch, they raise giant pumpkin golems from the soil to terrorize the land. This awesome mini from Reaper Miniatures features the evil golem wielding a sickle. We can’t wait to get some paint on this bad boy!

Three-sided Die
When a coin doesn’t have enough sides, but a d4 has too many, this d3 is just right. Here at Dungeon Crate, we love new dice. Even better are special dice, like this d3 from GameScience.
As a special bonus: The surfaces of the die are inscribed with the letters, R, P and S so you can play rock, paper, scissors. (Just so you know, many of the random magic effects in “Drink or Die” require this little die.)

Binge Bug Tokens
How will you know if your character is inflicted with one of Cig Neutron’s binge bugs? By affixing this awesome, laser-cut, acrylic token to its base. The fine folks at Advanced Deployment custom produced these tokens for use with “Drink or Die.” And they’re useful as condition markers if you’re not playing our adventure. The gross little bugs are perfect to mark that a character is poisoned or inflicted with some kind of disease.

“Player” Button

Show how much you love RPGs with this “Player” button from Dungeon Doodles! Everyone loves this design, especially fans of death metal. (Hint: You can also order it as a T-shirt.)
Binge Bug Sticker
Because stickers are fun and these can go on your head.