Gift ideas for your favorite gamer

Dungeon Cat when he was skinny enough to climb in the tree. 

It’s time.

The holidays are nearly upon us. Unless you like getting everything at the last minute, you should already be looking for gifts.

And if your family and friends like to game, we’ve got some ideas.

Custom miniatures
Have you ever visited HeroForge? Visit their site, design your character and then have it 3D printed.

It’s easy, and it’s amazing especially since there are hundreds of options for faces, expressions, clothing, weapons, spells and whatever. If you have a friend who has a tough time representing their dwarven bard or tiefling sorcerer on the table, you can design them the perfect character. They also have gift cards.

Handmade Leather Dice Tray
These things are great for rolling dice, especially if you’re going to play games and you’re unsure how dice will roll on the table surface. The best part: They roll up and don’t take up much space in your gaming bag. Get one here.

What tabletop player doesn’t love dice? We’re sure every one of us has at least one bag of dice bursting at the seams from the weight of all that polyhedral plastic. Get metal dice. Get true-rolling dice. Get dice of all shapes and sizes. Or visit our pals at Elderwood Academy and get yourself a dice box, tray or book. (Those dudes make amazing stuff.) 

Mimic dice bag
Ditch the purple felt Crown Royal bag, and upgrade to this toothy beast. Made by Ultra Pro and the Dungeons & Dragons team, this little guy has a belly full of your dice, minis and other gaming accessories. Get one here.

Flat Plastic Miniatures
All those miniatures make for a storage problem. We know. We have lots.

But our friends at ArcKnight came up with a solution for that: Miniatures printed on laser-cut, clear plastic sheets. And they’re better than your average cardboard pawns because each mini has a front and back, and the clear plastic makes them look three-dimensional on the table. Plus, as we mentioned, they don’t take up much storage space.

ArcKnight has all kinds of sets, but we dig the DM Starter Set curated by SlyFlourish. Get one here. You can also get some exclusive Dungeon Crate sets at the Dungeon Crate Shop.

Dungeon Crate
Allow us to toot our own horn for a second. Every month, Dungeon Crate sends out a box of fantasy RPG goodies. Adventures. Maps. Miniatures. Dice. Tokens. Cards. All the stuff you use on your game table, many of which are exclusive and custom items.

  • Every month is different, and every crate features loot you’ll actually use.
  • You can subscribe month-to-month or prepay for 3, 6 or 12 months and save some gold.
  • A box of loot is an awesome gift for any RPG gamer. Subscribe here.
Adventure Vault
Check out what Dungeon Crate has to offer with this one-off mystery box. It includes a selection of items from our previous crates that lets you sample Dungeon Crate. Plus, it’s cheap, and we guarantee its contents are far more valuable than the price tag. Get one here.

Dice wallet
Show everyone how much you love to roll. Dungeon Crate actually carries two dice wallets: One deluxe wallet (get one here) and one Mighty Wallet (get one here).

D&D and RPG shirts
Show off your love of D&D, Pathfinder and other fantasy RPGs with some awesome T-shirts. Our very own “Player” shirt is currently our hottest seller. (Get it here.) We love this amazing cross between Dunkin Donuts and D&D. (Get it here.) And then there’s the Mimic/Stop Copying Me shirt that only tabletop gamers will get. (Get it here.) 

Character portrait
Your favorite character deserves to be realized with a commission from our pals at Dungeon Doodles. Matt will take your character sheet and turn it into a full-color portrait. Your commission includes the original artwork. Get it here.