10 Places to get maps for D&D night

We dig a good battle map.

While many play D&D, Pathfinder and other RPGs in the theater of the mind, we often lay out maps on the table (or on Roll20) with miniatures and markers to help visualize battles and other encounters.

But to do that, you need a good map.

If you’re running a lot of games, whipping up your own encounters or simply need some inspiration, you’re going to need some new maps. We can help.

We tracked down a host of sources for battle maps. Some are free, some cost a little, but they’re all amazing.
Dungeon Crate
Every month, we include an adventure in your crate. And every one comes with some kind of battle map. If you subscribe, you’ll have access to all those maps and adventures. Plus, you’ll get the awesome stuff that’s in the crate.
r/dndmaps and r/battlemaps
There’s a subreddit for everything, right? These are dedicated solely to maps for RPGs. Many of the links posted are to free downloads. There’s tons of maps and tons of inspiration, and both subreddits are updated daily. Check out r/dndmaps and r/battlemaps.

The fine D&D blog has a wonderful trove of 387 maps, which you can check out right here.

Mike Schley
The wonderful Mike Schley is one of D&D’s official cartographers, and his work appears in every 5th edition product so far released, as far as we can tell. He sells downloads of his maps on his website, and most are available for less than $2. You can print them out large format or use them for online tabletops such as Roll20. We’ve done both, and they’re beautiful.

D&D’s map archive
For a while, D&D released free maps every week on its website. They’re all still available on the D&D archive site, which you can access here.

 Dyson Logos
The king of hand-drawn maps releases a ton of his maps on his blog, the Dodecahedron. They are gorgeous, and a massive archive of them is available on his site.

The Red Epic
Like Logos and Schley, Jared Blando is a great cartographer. He sells downloads and prints of his maps on his website, The Red Epic. Blando also made an awesome book about how to draw fantasy RPG world maps.

Cartographers Guild
This site is a message board and community for mapmakers of all kinds, but many draw beautiful world maps and battle maps. It might take some digging around the forums, but you’ll find some awesome stuff. Check it out.


No surprise here, but the massive artist community site features a whole lot of RPG and fantasy artists, and a lot of them feature full maps, map tiles and icons/tokens. It’ll take some searching DeviantArt, but there’s a whole lot to find.