Our favorite Wizard spells in 5th Edition

A wizard is only as good as his spellbook.

Other classes get their spells granted by their deities or can innately cast a few spells. But wizards get to assemble a verita

But if you’re playing a wizard, you get the benefit of a spellbook where you can record any number of spells from the seemingly massive wizard spell list.

If you’re like us here at Dungeon Crate, some of the most fun you’ll have when creating a new character is assembling your spellbook and choosing what spells to prepare.

Put a different way: Determining how we’re going to destroy the day’s enemies with fire, thunder and meteors crashing down from the sky makes us giddy with excitement.

Thankfully, Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition has some pretty awesome spells. We combed through the extensive spell list from D&D 5e to pick our absolute favorites - the most useful, the most fun and, yes, the most destructive.
Animate Dead (3rd level) - Have a big encounter coming? Cast this as many times as you’re able and command an army of skeletons (or zombies, your choice) in your next battle.

Catapult (1st level) - Fling stuff at your enemies. Hard.

Chill Touch (cantrip) - It’s a cantrip that does minor damage, but it has one major effect: Keep the target from regaining hit points until your next turn. Use it against big, bad, regenerating enemies.

Clone (8th level) - Want to safeguard against your death? This is your jam. Create a clone of yourself so that, if you die, your soul transfers to the clone. Then you’re safe.

Cloudkill (5th level) - Drop a nasty fog in a space, and watch everyone choke to death. Plus it moves. You could drop it right in front of you and let it roll across the battlefield.

Counterspell (3rd level) - As a reaction, automatically counter a spell. This can give huge advantages to any wizard who has it prepared.

Delayed Blast Fireball (7th level)  - Instead of a giant fireball, this creates a little beat of light. But when the spell ends, either because you decide to or someone walks into it, it erupts into a massive ball of fire. In short: You get to drop a tiny trap in the middle of the battle and trigger it whenever you feel like.

Drawmij’s Instant Summons (6th level) - Summon literally any item from wherever it is to your hand in an instant. There are limitations, including using an expensive sapphire each time, but being able to bring magic items straight to you at any time (from any place) could be incredibly useful.

Evard’s Black tentacles (4th level) - Squirming tentacles fly out of the ground, grabbing everything and squeezing them. Hard. Great to keep someone wher eyou want them plus do some serious damage.

Haste (3rd level) - Turn a fighter or rogue (or really anyone in your party) into an absolute beast with doubled speed, +2 to AC, advantage on Dex saving throws and a bonus action each turn. Woof.

Incendiary Cloud (8th level) - Appears to be smoke. Actually a hot, fiery, death-dealing cloud.

Locate Creature (4th level) - Simple but effective: Find what you’re looking for. This is the best when you’re seeking a specific enemy or creature.

Magic Missile (1st level) - Guaranteed damage is huge, plus it’s very effective against opposing spellcasters since three automatic hits means three concentration checks if they’re holding onto a spell.

Melf’s Minute Meteors (3rd level) - Six tiny meteors float around you until you decide to fire the explosive little rocks at anything you feel like. A simple spell that can do some serious damage.

Minor Illusion (cantrip) - Yet another cantrip with a minor effect - create a sound or image of an object - but it has no verbal component. You can hide, remain hidden and use this to distract guard and other creatures.

Misty Step (2nd level) - Only a second level spell, you can get this simple but effective teleportation spell early in your character’s progression.

Modify Memory (5th level) - There’s a million ways to use this effectively. It can create serious advantages in roleplay scenarios, bending someone to your will by changing, modifying or deleting memories.

Mordenkainen’s Magnificent Mansion (7th level) - Summon a freaking mansion. Seriously. This spell comes with a giant dwelling, 100 servants and 24 hours of safety. You can slip away to safety, use it to camp in a cold forest or simply to relax whenever you feel like it.

Otto’s Irresistible Dance (6th level) - This one’s all in the flavor text. It effectively causes the target to lose their movement and be subject to advantage on all attacks against them. Why? Because they can’t stop dancing. Hilarious.

Phantasmal Killer (4th level) - Literal nightmare fuel, this spell pulls something from a creature’s deepest, darkest fears.

Power Word Kill (9th level) - Insta-kill. You say a few words. The target dies. Bam.

Simulacrum (7th level) - Summon one beast or humanoid that obeys your commands. Sure, there are some limitations (½ hit points, it costs some gold, etc.), but you get a powerful minion to do your bidding.

Sleep (1st level) - It’s a simple one, but boy is it effective especially when facing an army of lower-level enemies.

Thunderwave (1st level) - Push people around the battlefield. Especially effective if you’re playing on top of a precipice, tower or cliff.