Game Table Etiquette

It’s time to play.

Play means fun, and we can’t have fun if people are being jerks, being disrespectful or looking at Facebook instead of paying attention to the game.

Be respectful. This is the big one. If you’re disrespectful to the GM and other players, go ahead and show yourself the door. This is people’s time to have fun, to let loose, to try new things. If you’re a jerk, you’re not welcome at the table.

Try something new. Always playing that elven ranger with a pair of magic swords? Mix it up for once. Try a different class. Maybe a way different class. Go crazy and get out of your comfort zone.

Be present. Pay attention. Put your phone down. Engage in the game. It will be better for you and better for the game.

Be on time. This goes both ways: Starting and ending the game. No one wants to plan for a three-hour session that’s supposed to start at 7:30 p.m. but getting to play for only an hour because no one showed up until 9 and most of the players have to leave by 10.

Don’t be messy. First off, you’re at someone’s house, so pick up the crumbs and clean up after yourself. Also, there’s usually limited space at the game table so try to contain your rulebooks, character sheets, soda cans and dice to your area.

Don’t argue with the GM. Your friend worked hard to prepare for the game. You’re certainly allowed to object to her rulings, but do so briefly at the game table. If you still think she got it wrong, approach her afterward and present your case.
Be there. Life happens, but if you're not going to make the game, tell the GM at least a day before so he can plan ahead. There's nothing like hours of preparation for a five-person party only to have two people bail at the last minute and you have to adjust every encounter on the fly.
Be cooperative. If you want to battle monsters on your own, go play a video game. This is about playing together.

Respect the house rules. These are both rules about the house (only use the bathroom in the basement) and rules the GM made up for the game (+1 to anyone who announces their action at the beginning of their turn).

Put down that phone. Unless that’s where your character sheet is, leave it in your bag. You can look at memes later.

Share your snacks. This one is like kindergarten: Don’t bring food unless you brought enough for everyone. It’s a nice thing to do.

Bring all your stuff. Before you leave for the game, check to make sure you have your dice, character sheet, books, pencils, miniature and anything else you might need.

Don’t touch my dice without asking. You brought dice (or at least you should have), so don’t take mine unless you ask first. 
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