July Crate Overview

Themed boxes are the best boxes.

And this month’s Dungeon Crate is all about one of our favorite RPG class archetypes: Thieves.

And there’s a lot to love here, starting with “Against the Dead Hands,” the thief-based adventure included in July’s Dungeon Crate.

Let’s dive into the box and see what we found!

Against the Dead Hands
Another new adventure from Dungeon Crate? Yes, please. This four-page, single-session adventure ties into the last adventure that came in the crate. After securing a magical orb for Lord Theophus, the noble asks adventurers to raid the local thieves’ guild. How awesome is that? We won’t get into spoilers, but we’ll say there’s more than just thieves and treasure waiting in the bowels of the guild hall. We can’t wait to run it.

Dead Hands Coin
This wooden token is pretty sweet. It’s a secret coin held by members of the Dead Hands, the thieves’ guild from the adventure, and it ties directly into the adventure. Outside of its use in that game, you can use this piece from Advanced Deployment as a status or condition marker, inspiration token or build your own gaming element around it. It looks pretty.
Treasure Deck
The fine folks at Nord Games produced this item, and it will fit into just about any game you’re gonna play. Created for Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition, the decks let you randomize treasure in a dungeon by drawing a card. The deck has more than 200 items, keeping things interesting. Each deck has 52 cards, and each card has four treasure options. Each card has complementary items, so you could use each one together. The deck is also used in the adventure, but you can use it for any game you’re playing.

Valloa: Female Elf Thief Miniature
Reaper Miniatures really makes the best stuff. There are a few of their pieces in this box, all of which can be used in Against the Dead Hands. This miniature, Valloa, is clutching a set of keys, and (spoiler alert) you might need those keys in the adventure. She’s a sculpt by the wonderful Julie Guthrie, and she’s amazing.

Mocking Beast Miniature

Why would there be a mimic in the thief box? (Maybe read the adventure text closely.) Anyway, this is a snarling, nasty piece from Reaper full of tongues and teeth. We have one at home that we painted up, and it’s an ugly little spud.

Boxes Miniatures
Who doesn’t love a little dungeon dressing? This set of wooden boxes from Reaper paint up quick and look right at home on maps or 3D terrain that you’ve built.

Invisibility Stand-In
Thieves like to hide. So, you can use this awesome clear acrylic stand-in whenever they disappear. It also works, naturally, any time a wizard or other spellcaster casts invisibility. Speaking as GMs and players, we love versatile pieces like this. Any RPGer can use them in almost any game.

Trap Tokens
These are so sweet. In our days, we’ve had a few trap markers to put on the map, but it’s often hard to show the trap has been taken out of commission once the thief (or whomever has the highest DEX modifier) deftly disables the thing. These tokens from Advanced Deployment show traps on one side and a nice “trap disabled” on the other. We can’t wait to get them on the table.

Hidden Stand-In

Good thieves (and any rogue build, really) will hide behind anything they can, and this marker can act as a stand-in on the battle map OR you can slide the base under a miniature to use it as a simple token to mark that a character is hidden. It’s a sly little piece of black acrylic from Advanced Deployment.  

There's also a lot of fun stuff in the Digital Crate! Downloads of the adventure, maps, and other handouts you'll want to print. Wanna make your own papercraft Mimic? It's in there. But you need to be a subscriber to access it...