Is Dungeon Crate For You?

Every month, Dungeon Crate is full of goodies.

For more than a year, we’ve delivered boxes of miniatures, adventures, tokens, dice, badges, scenery, card decks, more dice, coins, coasters and loads of other accessories to the front doors of gamers all over the world.

But maybe you’re still wondering if you’d dig Dungeon Crate.

If you play Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, Dungeon World, 13th Age or any number of other fantasy RPGs, the broad answer is yes.

But let’s get specific.

Do you like miniatures?
A ton of our items are focused on tabletop gameplay represented by maps, miniatures, tokens and scenery. We’ve put a whole lot of awesome miniatures from Reaper, Dungeon Crawler, Mantic Games, ArcKnight and more into our boxes. We’ve also had a graveyard, a catapult, a tent, a fountain and tons more pieces of 3D scenery in our boxes. So, if you like to represent combat and important scenes from your campaign in three dimensions, you’ll find lots to love.

Do you run games?
Game Masters and Dungeon Masters like our boxes a lot. Why? They’re full of useful stuff for planning games, depicting battles and running adventures. We’ve had critical fail card decks and random dungeon card decks. We’ve had loads of condition tokens and area of effect markers. We’ve had coins to represent in-game currency. We’ve had adventures, including our own line of adventures, in the box. If there’s something that helps run your game, we put it in the box.

Do you change things up on your table?
Some of the best items we’ve put in crates are all about making things on the game table more fun and interesting. Those include critical hit and critical fail decks, ways to make random dungeons and blood spatter tokens to show who on the tabletop has been taken down.

Do you like dice?
Almost every month, we put cool dice into the box. Metal dice. Giant d20s. Tiny dice. New shapes. Glow-in-the dark sets.

Do you like showing off your gamer side?
Us, too. Playing games is fun, but T-shirts, Christmas ornaments, patches, buttons, stickers, keychains, wallets and other accessories help show how much you love gaming.

Most of all, do you like finding stuff you can’t find anywhere else?
Many items in Dungeon Crate are made for us. And only us. We’ve had custom dice. We’ve had dungeons for bad dice. We’ve had dice trays. We even have our own adventures you can’t get anywhere else.

You can subscribe to Dungeon Crate on a month-to-month basis right here. If you’re still not sure about subscribing, try out our Adventure Vault, a one-time box full of random goodies from past boxes.

You’ll dig it.