Introducing Dungeon Crate Adventures!

Welcome to the world of Halcyon!

Like other fantasy locales of Faerun, Middle-Earth, Westeros, Golarion, Midgard and Azeroth, Halcyon is a world full of adventure. A world full of danger. A world full of dungeons to explore, monsters to slay and XP to earn.

It’s in the world of Halcyon we’ve set a new series of stories from Dungeon Crate Adventures, which will only be available with Dungeon Crate subscriptions.

The first adventure, “Xander’s Lost Orb,” is set in Halcyon within a country called Rhimms. Though the adventure is focused on a dungeon delve, it reveals larger things at play within the world. Orc tribes are raiding. Lords are saving their kingdoms. There’s adventure (and gold!) to be had, too.

Future installments in the series will be similar to “Xander’s Lost Orb.” It’s meant to be a single session experience, and you should be able to sit down and play in a few hours. It’s also meant to be played with minimal preparation from GMs. With “Xander,” the GM should be able to skim the adventure booklet before sitting down at the table and get right into having fun.

What game system do you play? Our adventures will work just fine. Adventures are easily adaptable to different systems (Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, Dungeon World, etc.) and, though they’re designed for specific levels, adventures are easily adjustable to play with whatever level your group is playing.

The adventures fit into a four-page booklet, but we are creating so much content that it can’t all possibly fit into those pages. Each adventure will also have free digital extras. “Xander’s Lost Orb” has dungeon maps (both player and GM versions), stats for the orb, encounter difficulty adjustments and additional lore, all available for free on our site.

And we’re not nearly done. Further adventures will explore other corners of Halcyon. What is going on in the islands of the Hook Sea? Will we find pirates? What danger lurks in the Nomad Territories? Perhaps there be dragons? What masterful and magic items are being forged in the Broken Oak Mountains? Will we unearth ancient dwarven kingdoms?

There’s a lot going on in Halcyon, and we plan to explore it all.

All those adventures will also tie into one another. Heroes of Halcyon will travel across the continent. The outcomes of some adventures will affect the events in others.

And what mysteries lie within the world? What connects the Dead Hands Thieves Guild with the lost orb of Xander? What do the markings on the maps mean? Why are orcs once again raiding from the Kiln Mountains?

We have a long way to go to explore all of Halcyon, and we need all the adventurers we can get.

Join us!