May 2017 Dungeon Crate Overview

Photo by Justin Andrew Mason

Don’t you just love coming home to find that little grey box of joy waiting for you?

That’s what we feel like when we open our crates, and this month’s is extra special.

May’s theme is “Xander’s Lost Orb,” and it’s titled after the very first installment in Dungeon Crate Adventures, a series of fantasy RPG adventures exclusive to Dungeon Crate.

In May’s box, you’ll find the four-page, single-session adventure and a bunch of items to help you run the game.

We really hope you dig it. If you play “Xander’s Lost Orb,” let us know what you thought. Send us photos of your table and tales of glory!

Onward to May’s special Dungeon Crate...

Art by Wayne Brekke
Xander’s Lost Orb
In this adventure, you’ll be tasked by Lord Theophus to locate a magical orb that helped his grandfather, Lord Xander Bathall, unite his lands and fight back against marauding orcs. The adventure will take you to a ruined temple filled with more orcs and, as it turns out, an evil wight that has made the old temple his home.

We dig this spiffy little adventure because it’s a fun dungeon delve that you can drop into any campaign. If you’re looking to start a new campaign, this will be a perfect starting adventure that gives you a look into the world of Halcyon. We’re looking forward to where this takes us.

Also, check out the artwork from Dungeon Crate’s Wayne Brekke. That dude runs Dungeon Crate AND he can draw? So, this is how jealousy feels.

Laser-engraved wood Cursebreaker d6
Small Cursebreaker D6
We love this thing. Our friends at Elderwood Academy made this Cursebreaker d6 special for us, and we loved it so much that we incorporated it into “Xander’s Lost Orb.” (There’s a specific trap that uses it in the adventure. Roll at your own peril.)

Elderwood Academy makes some cool stuff and this d6 is no exception. It is laser-engraved on each side with our own custom design. We wish we could get even more of these.

Barrow Warden (Wight) - Reaper 

Barrow Warden miniature
Inside the ruined temple in “Xander’s Lost Orb,” a wight is lurking. Long ago, the undead knight took up residence inside this temple, and he’s been turning the tomb’s would-be plunderers into his servants. Reaper Miniatures supplied a fantastic looking miniature, the Barrow Warden, to represent the freaky wight. He’s wonderful. (Isn’t all their stuff so good?) The Barrow Warden wields a sword and his freaky mouth is wide and ready to consume some adventurers. In future campaigns, you can use him as a lich or a zombie lord or really any big, bad, undead enemy.

Zombie Miniatures
Spoiler alert: There are zombies in the adventure, too. You know how the wight has been capturing those who come into the temple ruins and turning them? Yeah, he has two zombies with him. This pair of minis from Reaper Miniatures are ugly, shambling goons ready to take you down, too. We love pieces like this because they’re useable in future game sessions. And who couldn’t use more zombie minis?

Dry-Erase Character Sheet
All these miniatures mean it’s time to bust out the paints!

Dry-Erase Character Sheet
This is one of the coolest things we’ve ever put in a box. Seriously. Keep your character’s most important stats front and center with this acrylic dry-erase character sheet. Advanced Deployment created this little card-sized sheet, which has space for HP, AC, speed, initiative, level, ability scores and your character’s name. You’ll never have to shuffle through your character sheet again. (At least, not until you have look up your spells.) Don’t have a dry erase marker? Don’t worry. We tossed one in the box.

Inspiration Token from Deep Dungeon Games
One of the coolest mechanics in Dungeons & Dragons’ 5th edition is inspiration. Pull off an awesome attack? Really get into roleplaying your character? Gain inspiration, which you can cash in to get advantage on your next roll. Inspiration can also be handed over to another player. We love this token from Deep Dungeon Games (run by Dungeon Crate subscriber Hobie Hill), which you can hand out to players when they really knock your socks off.

Dungeon Doodles Sticker
Matt at Dungeon Doodles does some really cool stuff. If you have an RPG character you love, but you’re not blessed with the art talent to flesh out his or her look, you can turn to Dungeon Doodles to illustrate your character. (Or even your whole adventuring party.) This month’s box has a sticker of one of Matt’s awesome doodles.

Digital Dungeon Crate
We ended up making more content for Xander’s Lost Orb than we could fit in the adventure book. Instead of hoarding it all for ourselves, we dropped it online so you can have it. No additional charge. We promise.

This month’s digital extras include player and GM maps, extra lore, extra artwork, stats for the orb in question and a document outlining quick adjustments based on party level. We want to make as little work for GMs as possible.