The Coolest Dragon Miniatures We’ve Ever Seen

Dragon of the Blood Moon

The battlemap is laid out. The players’ miniatures have reached the final room of the dungeon.

Is there anything more satisfying than plopping a big old dragon miniature on the table and watching them stare in awe?

Dropping a dragon (or two or three) on a party is pretty satisfying, and it’s even more so when the dragon mini you use is huge or gorgeous (or both).

We’ve seen some awesome dragon miniatures in our days, featured some in our Dungeon Crates and used them in our D&D games. We thought we’d share the love.

These are the baddest-ass, most fearsome dragon minis around.

Colossal Red Dragon
One time, a couple DMs ran concurrent games. Both parties were in the same world and the outcome of one table’s successes and defeats affected the other’s. What the players didn’t know was that both DMs planned to drop a massive red dragon on the table at the culmination of the campaign. The only survivors were those who ran.

This colossal-sized dragon is part of D&D’s Icons line of miniatures. It even has an attachable breath weapon in case you want to show your players exactly how you’re burning them to death.

Dragon of the Blood Moon
Dark Sword Miniatures sure makes some pretty pieces, but this black dragon is one of their best. He appears to be on the hunt, head on a swivel, looking for anything that might cross him. And every horn, scale and claw is in perfect detail. We want one.

Ma’al Drakar, Dragon Tyrant
Mother of all that is holy, this thing is sure to strike terror into any group of players. It’s a five-headed dragon from Reaper Miniatures’ latest Kickstarter campaign (so it’s not quite available to the public), and is epic. At about two feet tall, there’s really nothing “miniature” about this amazing piece. If we had one, we’d paint it up like Tiamat and watch our players quiver in fear.
Pathfinder Red Dragon - Reaper

Pathfinder Red Dragon
Another one from Reaper, this dragon is a simple but perfect sculpt by Julie Guthrie. He stands on a ruin, wings wide open and ready to attack whatever is coming his way.

Made for Privateer Press’ Hordes. With stretched wings and armor plating, this winged beast appears to be a cross between a fallen angel and a dragon. It’s a gargantuan size mini, and it dwarfs just about anything in PP’s Hordes and Warmachine  lines.

Dreadlord on Black Dragon
There’s a long history of sorcerers and wizards riding fearsome dragons into battle, and a large amount of miniatures depict this. None are more flat-out frightening than Games Workshop’s piece, which comes with multiple dragon heads, riders and weapons. Pick one up and customize to your heart’s content. (They also have a similar vampire lord on a zombie dragon if you’re into that sort of thing, ya’ sicko.)

Dragon King
This piece from Kingdom Death looks like he’d just as soon punch you to death than melt you with fire breath. Add in the monster’s wicked smile and strange chest cavity and you have something we never, ever want to encounter in a game. It’s that freaky.

Dragons are scary enough, but when they’ve become undead lich dragons? Yikes. This amazing sculpt from Gale Force 9’s D&D collector’s series is incredible. It actually looks like it’s rotting, and it looks like it’s going to eat you. A good combo, we say!