April Crate Overview

Photo by Justin Andrew Mason  http://www.pathstoadventure.com/

Is anything more satisfying that looting the throne room after defeating the big bad villain? Or sifting through the pile of treasure after slaying the evil dragon?

Every RPG hero - or at least the thieves and rogues among us - dreams of swimming through piles of treasure Scrooge McDuck-style.

This month’s Dungeon Crate brings a pile of gold, gems and treasure chests to your front door. The theme is treasure, and it’s full of a bunch of great stuff to drop into your games.

Bag of coins / Set of Ingots
Counting treasure on our character sheet isn’t nearly as fun as doing it with actual coinage. Having actual coins in the game helps things become a little more immersed in the game, and players care about the coins in their characters’ pockets when they have actual money. Some of you got a bag of coins while others got the set of character ingots from Rare Elements Foundry.

Treasure pile
When it’s time for your players to find some treasure, why not have them find some actual treasure. This pile of money from ReaperMiniatures is great. We have this miniature already, and (after slapping a little paint on there) it’s a great piece to display in the dungeon. It’ll go great with all our other Reaper pieces.

Treasure chest
Need a place to store all those coins, gems and other pieces? We absolutely love this wooden treasure chest from Elderwood Academy. It’s a cool little piece that’s been hand-assembled just for you and burned to get that smokey brown color. We’ve gotten comments on how people loved opening the box and getting a whiff of handcrafted wooden goodness. This treasure chest also works as a spot to keep your favorite set of dice. (That’s what we’re using ours for.)


Gem tokens
At some point, it becomes unwieldy to carry around all those coins. Adventurers who start packing in all kinds of gold will eventually exchange them for platinum. Once they have too much platinum, what do they do? This set of gem tokens, marked with denominations, will help you keep track of that treasure hoard. Advanced Deployment did a fantastic job with these.