March updates and info for new subscribers

Greetings Adventurers!

Shipments are going out today!! By the gods we will have these in your hands on time this month. And you will rejoice.
Lots of new subscribers! Wow, you guys are the best. Our facebook and instagram followers are also rapidly growing. Thanks for the help and support.
I will be updating the Digital Crate as well this month. New maps, digital downloads, adventures, character sheets, etc. I will sharpen this end up for you guys. I've been trying to focus on getting a good balance for the physical crate.

Here's a few tips for DC newcomers:
- Cut offs for each month are the 4th, so if you want in, order before then. After the 4th you are batched to the next month.
- Auto renewals hit the 15th of each month. If you have cancel, it will stop auto renewal, but you will still get the crates you pay for.
- If you don't get your crate by the auto renewal and get charged twice without getting the first crate, don't freak out, that just means we are late. Email me and we will get you sorted.
- Send customer service issues to my email at - try not to hit me up here as it won't be as timely. Email allows me to respond quick and keep track of issues. I'm old.
- Read our website. I spent hours putting together the Dungeon Crate website along with the FAQs. I realize you all are busy doing really important things, but I answer a lot of questions on the site, on here, via email, on our blog, and on our YouTube channel.
- Note that all crates go out at the same time. I ship everything once per month. Not on demand. Don't expect to order today then get a crate in 3 days. We do one shipment per month. That's the subscription model.
- Visit our online store for more or additional items.
- If you want to know what to expect in a crate before or after you subscribe, don't email me and ask, just go to our past crate site and take a look.
You can also check out the grip of youtube unboxings and photos on this page.
- You can modify your account by logging in here:
Here you can cancel, change address, etc to your subscription.
- Dungeon Crate isn't about getting a screaming deal. I make sure to offer an actual retail value that is more that what you pay for, even above domestic shipping, but please know this is about getting exposed to a variety of game accessories and supporting some small businesses that make them. I have to make sure I stay in budget and grow the business, which is a game in itself.

Thanks to everyone for all the support! We are well into our second year and there are lots of great things happening in the Dungeon Crate world and we are starting to really hit our stride. Your feedback is critical and I do listen. I'm incredibly honored and proud of our little DC community. I salute you all.