You Want Dice? We Got Dice.

Dump that dice bag on the table and all sorts of wondrous items are sure to fall out.

(Who knew you had a bag of holding all along, right?)

Seriously, unless you just started playing Dungeons & Dragons, you likely have more than one set of dice. And if you’re anything like us, you can’t stop buying new dice colors, shapes, types, materials and accessories.

That’s why we chose the theme for our second annual dice crate: Dice Love.

There are a ton of options in the world of dice, and you surely have some in your bag every time you head out to play D&D. But maybe you haven’t seen everything.

Since this month’s Dungeon Crate is all about dice, we took a deep dive into the world of dice and dice accessories to give you a look at all the options out there.

Dice Towers
Dice towers from Advanced Deployment

Want a truly random result? Dice towers are pretty good at rolling your dice for you and they produce a more random result than simply dropping or sliding your dice across a flat surface.

We’ve seen massive dice towers made from foam, ornate towers crafted from plaster bricks, acrylic towers glued together and even the homemade cardboard kind.

Dice Trays and Cups
A glass table could be loud and could cause your dice to bounce around like crazy. A fancy dinner table with a nice finish does seem like a great place to game until it gets tons of tiny pock marks from the sharp ends of endless d4 rolls.
Leather dice tray from Binding Time
Cups let you (literally) shake things up and get a good roll, and dice trays give you a good soft surface to let your dice roll instead of jump, bounce and skitter across the table.

Custom Dice
Did you know companies, such as our old pals Chessex, make custom dice? We had a long-running gaming group that wanted to celebrate how long we’d been together, so we ordered some d6s with the six side as our logo.

Chessex offers custom d6s, and Q Workshop can make anything you want. They’re more expensive than your average dice, but how cool is it to roll a crit with your own symbol?

Giant Foam Dice
Chessex's rainbow of colors
Have kids? They’re usually fascinated by the gleaming, multi-colored dice, but unfortunately your average RPG dice are rather swallowable. Enter sets of giant foam dice, which are kid-friendly and mom-approved.

If you don’t have kids, just imagine how hilarious it is to bust out an enormous d20 and roll it for a big attack or skill check.

Wooden Dice
We’ve long admired the handcrafted dice from Artisan Dice. They produce beautiful dice from fancy woods such as ash, Asian satinwood and rosewood. Of course, they also create metal dice (more on that in a minute), polymer dice, stone dice and their “necromancer’s dice,” which are made from bone.

Metal Dice
Hearing your dice clatter across the table is fun, but it certainly feels more satisfying with the heavy clunk provided by rolling solid metal dice on the game board. We at Dungeon Crate have added a few items in our crates from Metallic Dice Games

Metal and Mini dice from Metallic Dice Games
Just keep your minis (and your kitchen table) safe. Those heavy things can do some damage.

Precision Dice
In theory, you have a 1 in 20 chance getting any number on a d20 every time you roll. But because of the way RPG dice are produced, there are almost always irregularities. On the other hand, precision dice are designed specifically to be as precise as possible.

Gamescience dice have sharper edges designed to make your rolls truly random.

3D Printed Dice
Is there anything 3D printing hasn't made awesome? We love browsing sites such as Shapeways to find new and cool dice.

There are dice that look like swarms of thorns, Braille dice for blind players, dice made of skulls, steampunk dice ands tons more. We want them all.

Weird Dice
When you're playing D&D or almost any other RPG, you're used to the standard six polyhedral dice shapes (4s, 6s 8s, 10s, 12s and the almighty 20s).

But we sometimes like different shapes: little three-sided cylindrical dice, giant d100s, variations on the d4 and tons more.

Braille D20 from a Shapeways store
Doublesix and Triplefour Dice offer a new take on the d6 and d4, respectively, by taking a standard d12 and changing the numbering. A Doublesix has the numbers one through six on the die twice while a Triplefour has one through four on the die three times.

Fate dice are six-sided dice with plus, minus and blank faces. As a DM, you can use them to decide positive or negative outcomes based on player’s action in the game. Negotiate successfully with the king and on a positive fate roll, the king gives the party some gold. On a negative roll, the king gives them an extra task.

Map Dice

Need to quickly map out a dungeon? DungeonMorph makes large six-sided dice where each face has a dungeon map. Small dungeon? Roll one or two of the dice. Big, sprawling dungeon? Grab the full set of five and roll them all to map out a massive complex.