Greetings Adventurers! So this month we had all products come in on time! Unfortunately, our fulfillment center that makes, packs, and ships our crates made an error and didn't have enough of our boxes made and printed (we typically get 3 months done in advance). So we were able to ship almost 200 of our crates out at the end of last week and the balance of your subs will go out this week.

These are the kinds of challenges I have to overcome each month. While it's not convenient, I hope you all understand and will bear with us as we work through these snafus and watch as we continue to improve both with our logistics and crate offerings. I have a kick-ass team, but mostly, I'm a one-man operation and some things are out of my control. So I try to make sure I relay this critical info to you the customer since it's your hard earned gold that I am responsible for spending.
I won't reveal what items are in January's crate, but for those that want spoilers, there are already a couple unboxing videos out there. Yes, there are less items in this month, but each was an expensive item to add, so I am hoping subscribers appreciate the actual value that went in.
We have our boxes in production and have lined up items for the next 3 months, so if all goes as planned February's box will come in well before Feb 15. Let's cross our fingers shall we?

It's a new year and I am working hard to mix it up and get some new and exclusive items lined up. We are working on our own gaming world where some of our products can live as well as our own publications. More on that later.
The "Quest for the Kraken" contest will be announced soon with some awesome prizes and a chance to help spread the word about Dungeon Crate while earning "Experience points" to advance your quest and chances to win.

Don't forget to check out our Dungeon Crate Trading Post group where you can maximize your subscription by trading items you don't use for items you do use from other subscribers. 
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Once again, thanks for the support, subscriptions, suggestions, videos, comments, likes, emails, ideas, and for just being an amazing group of gamers. You have helped create something that wasn't there before, and I am listening to you (as I am one of you) to make this the best product it can be.
I salute you.
Wayne Brekke
Founder - Dungeon Crate