January Box Overview

Happy New Year!

A new year means new gaming loot from Dungeon Crate.

We’ve been working on January’s Dungeon Crate subscription box for a while. We hope you dig it as much as we do. It includes a shirt to show off your love of gaming, a deck of cards to add some flavor to your D&D sessions, a sweet coin to use your next time at market and an adventure to run at the table.

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Yin-Yang D20 T-shirt
Sometimes the dice go your way. Sometimes they don’t. We love this shirt from ArmorClass10, which features the yin and yang of rolling critical hits and critical failures. Not to mention it's our first shirt offering since we started! 

Critical Fail Deck
Completing our run of decks from Nord Games, this little guy will add a little excitement every time someone rolls a 1. While it’s fun to mock your pals when they screw up, actual in-game consequences are entertaining. Some are amusing while others are downright life-threatening.

With 52 cards in the deck and four outcomes on each, there are 208 possibilities every time the dice come up with a measly 1.

We love the design of these decks, especially how they’re divided into four sections: setback, dangerous, life-threatening and deadly. Want to make the deck a little less harsh on lower level parties? Remove the deadly part of the deck. Or want to amp up the danger for powerful players (or sadistic DMs)? Remove the “setback” cards.

This is a fun one.

Ki-Rin coin
K-Rin are magical beasts, luminous and golden flying unicorns that dwell on the winds. These 100-denomination coins are part of Rare Elements Foundry’s alignment currency set. The full set of coins features monsters and creatures representing each of the classic Dungeons & Dragons alignments. Ki-rin, for the record, are lawful good.

Adventure A Week
Hollowbone the Vrok has retreated to the Pententieyrie to change his demonic ways. The large, bird-like demon serves a penance in the lofty temple at the top of a mountain, and though he’s not necessarily in for a fight, his frightening demonic visage could provoke unknowing adventurers. The temple itself is also full of all kinds of traps and a few scary monsters being held there by Hollowbone himself.

Now let’s put it all together.
For some fun, you could use the entire box contents together.

First, arrange a game night to run “The Pententieyrie.” Second, put on that shirt. Remind those players of the fickle nature of the dice gods.

To get to the temple, the players need to climb to the top of a mountain. While the adventure text suggests giving each player one level of exhaustion from the climb, you could also give them a critical fail card. (We highly suggest one of the lighter consequences rather than something life-threatening.)

The temple is also full of traps and glyphs of warding. Perhaps instead of getting hit with the spell, some other malady hits them, also drawn from the Critical Fail Deck. That may make the place feel incredibly foreboding.

So, how to get the coin into the mix? According to the adventure text, Hollowbone will attempt to talk the party out of attacking him. You could use the coin to make a heads-or-tails flip to determine how vigorous he is in those attempts.

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