Is a subscription box service like Dungeon Crate worth it?

We’ve all been there: Checking out the awesome wares promised by a subscription box then eyeballing the actual numbers on the “subscribe now!” page.

It kind of seems too good to be true.

We get it. The idea that you drop a few gold coins and then someone sends you a whole box of stuff seems like you’re being swindled. There’s gotta be some kind of catch, right?

There’s not. Really. We really will send you a bunch of cool RPG accessories for  less than what you’d pay for them retail. Here at Dungeon Crate, our box retail value exceeds your cost every month. But that's not entirely the point. More on that in a bit. 

Let’s take a look at November’s Dungeon Crate box:

You pay us $29.95 or less plus shipping (subscribe for a longer period for cheaper boxes!). In return, we sent you:

     Game Master badge
     Critical Hit deck
     Velvet dice bag
     Card Caddy
     Laser-cut Game Master coaster
     5e Mini Dungeon adventure
     Status effect markers

Altogether, those items have a retail value of more than $50. (And we’re not even mentioning how much it would cost to get each one shipped on its own.)

Fellow geeky sub boxes are similar. Loot Crate advertises a $45 value in its monthly box. Geek Fuel guarantees a $50 value. Comic Block runs about $50 as well.

So you’re definitely getting more than what you pay for. But again, that's only one part of the benefit of the box. 

Then there’s our favorite part of subscription boxes: They’re curated by people who love what you do, so they’re filled with RPG accessories we like and hope you’ll be stoked about, but maybe would have never found on your own.

We love the items we send out every month, and we’re guessing some of you have never heard of our vendors. Many are small companies, but they do incredible stuff.

How many of you were shopping for tokens from Advanced Deployment or flat plastic miniatures from Arc Knight before you got Dungeon Crate? Dungeon Crawler’s miniatures are amazing, and the more 5e mini adventures we can get from AAW Games, the better.

And how awesome is that Card Caddy? It’s currently protecting the all-important Tarokka deck for our ongoing Dungeons & Dragons Curse of Strahd campaign.

See, that's another benefit that many don't think about. Your subscriptions help support our company for sure, but did you know that your contributions have helped some of our small vendors stay afloat? Mom and Pop makers that would have shut their doors if Dungeon Crate subscribers had not offered the opportunity to purchase their items in bulk. You have no idea how you as a customer have helped the livelihoods of others. 

“But what if I don’t like everything?” you ask.

That’s fair. It’s a curated box where all subscribers get the same thing and are unknowing of the contents from month to month. You may not love every single item or find every item useful for your gaming table.

But you should know this going into it. One benefit is getting items you don't normally use or wouldn't have thought of using, only to discover new ways to expand your game and new inspiration for creative fun. 

Plus, now you can also trade items. We set up the Dungeon Crate Trading Post on Facebook so you can trade items you don’t need for those you want more. Also, our online store offers items from our past crates as well as exclusive items. 

Dungeon Crate wants to build more than a successful business, we want to foster a thriving gaming community. We've taken many suggestions from our subscribers that has made our crate better. We offer all sorts of social media contests and fun, engaging promotions. Just ask fans on our page. We love giving stuff away. We love doing things different than other box companies. And with your help, will continue to do so. 

So yeah, if you like what we’re offering, why haven’t you subscribed already?

It’s too good of a deal to pass up.