1/2/16 Happy New Year from Dungeon Crate!

Team DC Assemble!
Well here it is, 2016. We’re looking forward to a big year here at DCHQ. Our launch is days away and the response from the gaming community has been overwhelming. Great things did happen before the end of 2015 though. Fellow drummer and war gaming nerd Bill Harvat has partnered with Dungeon Crate and will be adding his talents to the adventure. Bill will be handling accounts, customer service, product acquisition, and a slew of other duties. He’s got years of experience as a tabletop war gamer, roleplayer, and is a co-host of the Star Wars Bounty Hunters Collectors Podcast. He’s a great drummer and his band Flight Metaphor just released another album. You guys will dig this dude. Welcome Bill!
The Countdown Begins…
Now that most of the groundwork is laid out, the fun part begins. We’re gearing up for open enrollment. That means we’re working on our pricing, products, packaging, and logistics. Personally, I’m very excited about our box design. We’re waiting for some samples so that we can put together a prototype box and photoshoot so we can show you what to expect. We’ll be sending out the date and time for our open enrollment to our email list first and those in the know will get a shot at a Founding Membership. Founding Members get some extra special treasures in their first box, and the glory of being either a Gold or Platinum Founding Member. Founding members are crucial to the beginning success of any sub-box business and we appreciate those who are so excited about our launch. We are too. Middle of January is the target launch date. Stay tuned.

We’re Good Listeners
Your feedback is important to us. We’ve been getting lots of comments, questions, and suggestions from folks in the gaming community and we listen. In fact, I’ll be posting an FAQ on the website with answers to questions from potential subscribers. It’s important to all of us to ensure our subscribers get a box that’s worth every penny with products they will use.

As Green As Possible
We care about the environment and have a goal to be as green as possible with this business. The box is fully recyclable and in fact, we’re going to be adding some things that will encourage people to reuse their box. Dungeon tile stamps you can cut out and use in game, packaging filler that can be used for crafting and terrain, and a box size that’s handy for storing gaming supplies.

As the owner of Dungeon Crate, I want to wish everyone a prosperous new year. It’s a crazy world out there and our love for gaming lets us escape the daily grind and strengthen our imaginations. I hope you have lots of adventures in 2016 and I hope you come along with us on ours.

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Wayne Brekke – Dungeon Crate Overlord