New Vendors, Answers to Questions, and a Prize Give-A-Way!

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Hello Dungeon Crate followers!

Well we are moving along with all the prep for our Dungeon Crate release. We've started getting in some samples from vendors so we can create our prototype box. We're looking into what styles of boxes would  best fit our items as well as how to best use the box itself. We have some great ideas for reusing the boxes and will keep you updated on that.

Got some amazing items in from Knight Watch Games. Molded terrain and dungeon tile accessories. Each is hand painted and look great.
Molded samples from Knight Watch Games

I've been responding to comments on various facebook forums and some of the questions folks  seem to have are right in line with my own concerns about this service. I'll be putting up a FAQ on the site to answer some of the questions, but below I address some that have been brought up so far.

Unused Loot
One major issue for me has been subscription boxes that people pay for that offer cool stuff, but then when you get the box, there's only a couple items that they can use or have interest in. I'm looking to offer a box where everything in the box will be of interest to the person. As a company, we are working hard to curate items for the gaming and crafting community. Things that WE would want to use. It's my hope that if I personally like everything in the box, others will too.

Handcrafted Items
Dungeon Crate was inspired by fantasy gaming crafters. Folks who make dungeon tiles, terrain, creatures, and other gaming accessories. Which is why we are working with individuals and small businesses that can provide us with hand painted pieces, handmade jewelry, original art, and more. We'll have monthly prizes that will be amazing works of art from some of our partners. Some items will be unfinished so you as a player can add your own touch to the piece.

At the moment, our schedule is to keep collecting emails until January, then open up enrollment on the 1st. Cut off for the first box will probably be in Feb. We will then take Feb to order and package the boxes and ship them in the beginning of March. We will then ship the first week of each month.

I am humbled by the excitement surrounding this project and the response from the gaming community. It seems like folks are really pumped about this and I am as well!

We have lots of great ideas that will set us apart, many from those that we have been chatting up online.

Happy Holidays from us Dungeoneers to you!