New Adventures in the Subscription Box World

Welcome to the Dungeon Crate blog! It's here you'll find updates on what's happening with Dungeon Crate and get an inside look at the process as we come close to launch.

The Adventure Begins
I started Dungeon Crate because I was fascinated by subscription box services and enamored with fun things to bring to the gaming table. I'm a long time Dungeons and Dragons player and I love dice, miniatures, coins, bags, dice trays, dice towers, tokens, maps, art, and all the accessories RPG related. I'm and entrepreneur at heart and have my own writing business, but knew nothing about the subscription box game. Needless to say, there's a ton of research involved.

The Competition
I found that Mythhoard offers a similar idea and they are fairly new, so I wanted to lessen the competition by offering subscribers some different items. I figure having a couple options for players would only strengthen the RPG box niche. I even reached out to Jarrod the owner of Mythhoard and he is a solid, hardworking guy dedicated to his business and customers. This was inspiring. It's my hope that our two subscription box services can work in tandem to bring gamers a wide range of treasures every month.

Getting The Word Out
At this point, Dungeon Crate is in the beginning stages of pre-launch. I'm getting in touch with players and potential customers to let them know about the service. I've set up a teaser site to collect emails so I can keep interested people informed and offer pre-sales when we launch.

I'm also getting a list of vendors together and checking with players on what they would like to see in an RPG box. It's all about spreading the news and simply getting interest.

Dungeon Crate Exclusive Items
I'm also working on a slew of Dungeon Crate exclusive items like Dungeon Crate designed T-shirts, buttons, stickers, bookmarks, jewelry, etc. As a crafter and artist, I've got some great ideas for fun accessories that we can design that role players and tabletop gamers will enjoy.

The Work Has Just Begun
There's lots more to do. It's a busy time for Dungeon Crate. I'm working with an artist on a logo, developing the official site, curating items, connecting with potential customers, reaching out to bloggers and YouTubers, and getting the business side of things organized.

If you are reading this and are interested, shoot me your email on the teaser site at DUNGEONCRATE.COM 

About the Owner
So who is Wayne Brekke anyway? I'm a podcaster, artist, crafter, role player, musician, and small business owner. Yeah, I'm a self-inflicted busy guy. I host a few podcasts including Worlds of Wayne, the Necronomicast, 5 O'clock Lifestyle Podcast, and the DnD5e Podcast. I also own Big Ink Writing Services with my wife Laurie. I live in Omaha Nebraska. I love playing Dungeons and Dragons and got into role playing somewhere around 1983.

I also love to make things for gaming. I craft dungeon tiles, game terrain, dice boxes, and more. Check out my facebook page Worlds of WayneCraft and my Etsy site as well HERE.

Feel free to spread the word and help us out. We're just starting this little adventure and there's a dragon horde at the end just waiting to be found.

-- Wayne Brekke