Our Story

Dungeon Crate was conceived on the idea that role-players needed a subscription box specifically designed for them, a box where every item can be used by the player. There are several “loot boxes” available for gamers and pop culture enthusiasts, but we kept hearing that only a few items pertained to Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, or tabletop wargames. The other items tended to sit in their boxes unused.

We at Dungeon Crate are role-players. We love dice, miniatures, counters, tokens, and all the fun accessories that come with the games. So we decided that a loot box that offered these items would be appealing to other like-minded players. We couldn’t find one that fit the bill, so we designed one of our own, and Dungeon Crate was born.

When researching vendors for Dungeon Crate, we found several small companies that were eager to sign on and provide us with everything from dice to RPG themed jewelry. We wanted a box where most every item would be used by the subscriber either on or off the game table. We are constantly on the hunt for accessories that are fun to use no matter what game you are playing.

We listen to our subscribers. It’s our goal to get input from those that purchase our subscriptions so we can curate the best possible box for each and every customer. The best way to refine our business is to go straight to the end user and learn what works and what doesn’t. We want the feedback. We’re players designing a box for other players. It’s important to us that every customer gets their money’s worth and they actually use the products they paid for.

We are working hard to find fun and interesting items, items that we ourselves would use, collect, or wear. It’s our hope that you’ll join us on this adventure for gaming glory. Besides, who doesn’t like to find the treasure chest at the end of a month-long adventure in the dungeons of the daily grind?

Reward yourself. Subscribe to Dungeon Crate. Let us deliver the goods. Join the adventure!